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    Is it worth discussing and wasting the precious time on what happened in the past?

    In Parliament, there is a discussion about Quit India which had happened before the independence, as usual, both parties the B.J.P ruling party and Congress mudslinging at each other in that discussion.Is it worth discussing and wasting the precious time on what happened in the past without discussing the present and future burning problems that are faced by the public?.not only in Parliament even outside too are you interested to have a discussion which happened a way back and waste your precious time?.As in Sanskrit, we have a proverb 'Gatham Gahtah' and English we say it as The Past is past now look for the present and future.What is your say?
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    There are various reasons to study History. The major two reasons are givenbelow:-

    The first one is: We must study History to know our rich culture and heritage. We must feel proud of our culture and heritage to build our future in a proper manner.

    The second reason is: We must study History to learn from our past mistakes, so that we don't repeat these in future.

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    I find the question by the author quite ridiculous. The fact that the Quit India movement was discussed in the Parliament shows the importance of that movement. It was that call made under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi that is considered to be the final and intense warning to the British that they have no choice and can no longer hold on and that finally led to our independence. We cannot make comparison between all incidents in a similar manner. If past is past, why do we keep old photographs or perform rituals for our ancestors who are dead?
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    Yesterday or day before yesterday I saw and listen a Hindu preacher saying in Television that a quote in Mahabharata that it is a waste to perform rituals for our ancestors who are dead because the man who died nobody knows where he is gone so whom you are performing these rituals?.........
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    It is very true that we should not be bogged down by our past and its reminiscences too much otherwise we will not be able to concentrate in our work presently.

    Learning from past mistakes is a mantra which no one should ignore.

    Regarding the cultural beliefs and heritage it is individual wish to pursue them or believe them. That way our hindu culture and religion are quite liberal.

    Knowledge is power.

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    From the past we must learn the lesson and from the present we must act and for the future we must preserve and reserve. So there is no question of digging at the past. How can the present generation know what is happened in the past and what struggle has been undergone to achieve the great degree of success. Remember in those days the communication was nil or negligible and just through the word of mouth and strong allegiance to the Nation are the main reasons for the people participating big in any event and discussing such issues even today does not matter waste of time as per me.
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    Know what happened the past. But don't waste time in discussing the way it has gone and why it happened and other issues. Know and leave it. If it gives any clue for the present task use it.
    As aptly told by Partha Kansabanik, we should know history to know about the culture and mistakes done in the history can't be repeated.

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    History reminds us of our achievements in different fields and as such its study is certainly meaningful. At least by going through the History, we regain our self confidence by going through the roles of different personalities like Sheevajee, Meerabai and the great Heros who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the country from the clutches of the British - rules. Here we would have exhaustive lists of self motivated heroes like Batukeswar Dutta, Bhagat Singh, Subhas Chandra Bose and many other eminent personalities. Hence by going through the the History it would not be fair to say that it merely amounts to sheer wastage of time but contrary to this, we get tremendous motivation and encouragement and such refreshment make us relaxed filling new energy to carry on heroic tasks in the event of crisis. Hence reading of History has its own importance.

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    No one can forget the past so easily. Sometimes if there was a bad time it haunts us for long. There are people who have been so tormented in their lives that they remain in sorrows for a long time and take considerable time to come out of the same.
    Yes, we should try to forget those episodes as early as possible and prepare for our life for further struggles and challenges.
    I agree that there is no use sticking to the past however horrendous or glorious it had been.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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