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    How can we be able to change a dirty political system into a good and fare political system?

    India is the biggest democratic system of the world but it is very sad to say that India has very bad and dirty politics. Most of the people do not believe in politician and politics due to dirtiness. Every party in India try to capture more seats in every election by any method. We always blame on politician and politics. I think most of the genuine people do not want to join politics. Then how can we be able to clear dirtiness from politics if educated and genuine people do want to go to politics?
    Respected members please share your opinion in this thread how can we change a dirty politics into a good and fare political system?
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    The author is very aptly raised a doubt, why educated and genuine people don't join politics.
    A man to shine in politics in our country should know and use ploy tricks. Otherwise he will not be allowed to be there in politics.
    Today's politicians are educated only. Many of the people in power are educated only. Unfortunately many of the voters are not educated. They don't understand the importance of the weapon they have in their hand. So they are not able to differentiate between good and bad. For temporary gains they go by the big boss of their ward or caste.
    So chance for a good man to get votes is very less. So here I think the system has become like this because of the innocence or lack of knowledge of people only.
    I remember when N T Rama Rao started political party he has admitted many new faces into his party. But once he was in power all leaders from other parties joined him and the new people also learned the ploy tricks and became politicians.

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