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This thread has inspired the announcement of a Story writing contest here.
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    Can you write a story while seeing a blank space within a fixed time-limit of 4 minutes?

    For getting selected as an officer in Indian Army a candidate has to go through many difficult situations put forward in front of him/her. There are various tests which a candidate faces during his/her five days SSB some of them are easy some are difficult but one of the most fascinating part is story writing within a fix time limit.
    Usually for this story writing a picture is shown on the screen for 30 seconds and than 4 minute time is given to write story that many candidates pass. But what will you do when there is no picture is shown a blank page is shown, can you prepare a story within time limit of 4 minutes while seeing a blank space?
    What will be your story?
    please try this and send your stories here?
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    Yes, I did it successfully (after looking at a hazy figure in the screen) during my psychological test at Seervice Selection Board (SSB), Allahabad.

    With the passage off time I can do it without anything, i.e., looking at a blank space. Arrange a competion, please.

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    In fact one has varied options to write many things with blank space and no image is given. If the image is given , you are bound to write about that only and we are made to bind that. If the blank space is given, I can share a image of myself and write about me, I share the image of my mentor or school teacher who made me strong and knowledgeable person, I can have the image of animals which teach us moral lessons, or I can simply live the space blank stating that this world is nil without the activities of human. This is the reasoning question and it all depends on how the person takes it to his stride.
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    A scooter is going on my street. Just I was watching from my door. A girl is driving the scooter. It looks that she is learning. The boy behind her is helping her in driving by telling her the ways and means. Both of them are not having any helmets on their heads.
    Usually traffic is very less on our street. So happily they have completed round one. then round two. Like that they have completed 10 rounds very nicely. The girl is confident and the boy is happy.
    They stopped the scooter. The boy got down. He advised her to go slowly and come back. One round completed. Then started 2nd round, She is in the middle of the road. All of a sudden a car came from the opposite and hit the scooter. All happened in a few second. The girl has fallen down and she hit a big stone on the side of the road. By the time the boy came running, everything happened. She was no more.

    Moral of the story is Always use helmets while driving. It will save your life if not from injuries.

    "This is the story I have written just by seeing your thread and blank space here. It took me about 4 minutes to complete.

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    This thread has inspired the announcement of a contest and is hence being locked. Members are requested to participate in the quick contest.
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