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    Will other countries follow India in the trade war with China?

    India imposed anti-dumping duty on 93 Chinese made products in retaliation to Doklam conflict. Even Donald Trump is in the process of probing unfair Chinese trade practices. There are many countries, which raise their objections to the Chinese trade practices as China continuously devalues its currency to make its products cheaper. Most of the neighbouring countries are opposing Chinese dominance. In this context, will other countries follow India in the trade war with China? If most of the countries start trade war with China, what will be its effect on global economy?
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    I think in these three years and more our Prime Minister Narender Modi has made a right think by visiting so many countries in the past and building a good rapport with every country which were erstwhile hostile to India and thus there are every chance that what ever India asserts against China, the other countries have the compulsion to follow., Because it not only affects their own economy but they want to sail with India as the big brother next to US. Even America is very friendly and fuming over the evil designs of China in the recent past. So better to weaken the Chinese economy rather than waging a war as of now to floor them to zero. One thing China must understand that it cannot compete with India in all spheres and in another five or ten years we would over take China even population wise, and that will be big slap for that country,
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is good that India imposed anti-dumping duty on 93 China made items. I will be more happy if India extends the duty on all China made goods that are being sold in India. In my opinion many other countries including US will do this trade war on China. That will affect their economy to a great extent. China's trade practices are very much objected by many countries. All these countries will also follow India in this trade war.
    So China's domination in global market will come down. India 's products may pick up. But India has to raise to the occasion and make "Make in India" program a success and our manufacturing industry should be ready by that time with their product in the market.
    Global market will maintain but domination of China will come down. Many other countries will get benefitted.

    always confident

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