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    How independent are we?

    INDEPENDENCE DAY... the outcome of sacrifices of many lives. the very words 'Independence' and 'freedom' make us feel like a bird flying happily but are we really independent today? we are free from foreign rule but can we say we are truly totally independent? About eighty percent of the national income is enjoyed by the top ten richest population and the left out is enjoyed by the remaining population so, there is no economic equality. Everyone has the right to employment but if someone is not considered to be eligible to a post with certain marks how can someone else is considered to be eligible at the same marks and even far below that just because of some vote bank politics. There is no equality of opportunity. We say India is the only country where women are treated as goddesses. Yes, they are treated as goddesses, the goddesses which we see in temples, they can't speak and move or react. They just observe what others do. so is the situation of women in our country even in this ultra modern days. Some may consider this as an exaggeration; the independence, equality, and freedom that we say women enjoy are confined to the metropolitan or urban minority. Even today untouchability is at the core of Indian society and caste politics are openly practiced and there are the common man, the rich, the elite, the politician and business tycoon, the VIP and VVVIP who receive different reception in the society and even from God at his temples. A common man can not get treatment without paying money even if it is a matter of life and death but a rich man is paid the richest tribute even after his death. A common man can not get a loan of one lakh without walking around the banks with a bundle of papers and recommendations for months together but a business man can live happily and enjoy life touring the world even after being a defaulter of hundreds of crores. There is no equality of social status. We vote for a religion, we vote for a caste, we vote for a community, we vote for a criminal but we don't vote for a leader. The definition of leader changed from some who leads us ahead facing all the challenges to someone who sits on our shoulders and enjoys stardom, power and wealth. In a country where the majority of the population is youth, there is no rationality of thought. Fanaticism and person worship is all that there is. India was the cradle of civilization and intellectual hub of the world. Now education is monopolized and modeled by the business men and the values are deleted to create space for business tactics in education. Indian minds are so degraded that instead of saving the person who was being murdered openly on road it was shamelessly and mercilessly captured on smartphones to be uploaded on the internet with the tag line 'death of humanity in society' and its just another news for the mushrooming news channels. Our minds are not free and our values murdered openly in the broad day light. There are fathers who abuse their daughters and brothers who look lustfully at their sisters. These are the values we earned with all the super modern and techno education. We don't appreciate local talent but we give royal treatment with a crore's expenditure to a foreigner; still in the colonial hangover.Where is there no equality - economic, social, political and intellectual, Where fanaticism rules, where there are no morals, how will there be independence? India is independent but not Indians. Today Independence day is just another day of holiday and celebration. All the love we shower on the nation and the freedom fighters is just the dress we wear. we wear it for this day and the day changes the dress changes. We wash and iron the dress that we wore and keep it in a locker safely for the next year. we are not Independent we are just under Imperialism of politicians, business tycoons, fanaticism and intellectual slavery. We don't have the right to celebrate INDEPENDENCE DAY. How many of you agree with me? How many of you say she is just ranting at the non-existent issues?
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    India was under the subjugation of foreign invaders for almost 800 years. In 1947, we got independence, but the country has been divided. The eastern and western neighbours of the country which had earlier been parts of this great civilization, have started moving towards dark middle-age. It is their conscious choice.

    Although the basic ethos of the country is derived from the ancient civilization, 800 years of subjugation has created various complex syndromes. Many people can't see any good happening in India. Newspapers give stress on reporting criminal activities than reporting positive news. We ridicule or own armed forces. Those who can ridicule our own country more, are treated as more liberal. We create false heroes if they are from minority communities, forgetting even their criminal antecedents.

    Despite various setbacks and self-serving politicians and intelligentsia, the country has been making strong progress only because of India's vast and silent majority who strongly believes in the values and ethos of the ancient civilization. This silent majority has been gradually taking India to new heights despite so much negativity surrounding him. This silent majority will definitely take India to the pinnacle of glory.

    On this auspicious day, let us recognize the power of this silent people of the country which firmly takes India to glory. Let us forget these self-serving politicians and intelligentsia for a while.

    Let us discourage the negativity around us.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Exactly sir. But the worst part is we ignore the silent majority and worship the fake and criminal minority. Then are we worthy to enjoy this independence?
    Carpe Diem

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    I do agree the agony and annoy of the author on the subject but again we are alone responsible for our destiny and way of supporting others. If India is enjoyed by few people who wont care about the poor and they keep on making money through political influences because, they know the loop holes of the laws and unfortunately in Indian laws there are always ways to get into main stream without facing the probable punishment. One Industrialist who owes so much money to the bankers is free bird in other country, watching the cricket matches played by Indian team. The bankers have no right to attach his properties nor catch hold of his sureties who stood guaranteed. Where the same banks would stoop to doors of middle class who has not paid one installment of loan and starts retrieving his assets.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    All points mentioned are true. No issue is exaggerated by the author. She kept open all her inner feelings on the issues truly happening in the country. A well presented note.
    Freedom or independence whatever you call, really none of us have. In this country only one kind has independence. They are the politicians. They always play foul only. They think always about their power and how to make money? In this bargain they keep allthepeople at stake. The government servants who got their jobs under the reservation category, will make sure that their son will also get a seat in that category and also see that he will get a good Government job. At the same time a son of a agriculture laborer's son continue to do the same as his father. They don't even know the benefits they get. This is the situation in our country. So I feel real Independence Day can be celebrated once when these inequalities will go away and everybody will have equal rights and responsibilities.

    always confident

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