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    Do mistakes in educational textbooks is punishable or not?

    On the other day when I was going through the textbook of my daughter who is studying 1st class Tenali Ramakrishna who is a great poet in Krishnadevaraya dynasty and also one of the Asthadigajas his name is written as Tenali Raman as there are many mistakes present in regards or respective to south names in N.C.E.R.T and I.C.S.E syllabus of School Education.Not only this there are many mistakes present in school and college textbooks which will be learned by children or student.We see in news paper many controversies arose by printing wrong matter in educational textbooks.Are mistakes in textbooks is a crime?. What kind of punishment should be given to the textbook author(s) for wrong information present in the textbook?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    No, mistakes are not punishable. Mistakes are for rectification. Only crimes are punishable. This is the thumb rule.
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    I do not find any mistake regarding the name of Tenali Ramakrishna as the Tenali Raman. In Tamil the great scholar was referred as such and therefore it is not mistake. In fact one tele serial was run on the same name some time back and that is the proof for that. However the book publishers has to be very careful in mentioning the names of the people in history and they have to give proper reference and corrigendum at the end of each book if any mistake or misspell names were found. Nevertheless the author has raised a important issue and it is for the publishers to ponder over the same.
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    No, it's not a crime and there should not be any punishment. When you are writing a textbook, it is obvious that some mistakes may creep in. It's the duty of the teacher to tell students that this is wrong and this is the right thing. Only thing one should do is to tell the publisher about the mistake so that he can correct it in the next edition.
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    Textbook mistakes are not crime but are the mistakes of serious nature. Text books are the source of information for the school children and any mistake in textbooks will have an adverse effect in the minds of students.

    Though the publishers of text books are taking lot of care in correct proofreading of the books still some small mistakes remain there and create lot of embarrassment.

    Though we should be careful in all types of writing but special care is required for educational books as they are the building blocks of our education.

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    It is advisable to see that the textbooks should not contain any type of mistakes to the maximum possible. These printers and publishers should implement six sigma concept in their Organisations. That will give a better understanding about the mistakes and how to prevent.
    It is always advisable to give a corrigendum at the end of the text book mentioning all the mistakes and correct word opposite that. That will give the student an advantage and he can get it corrected. As far as I know proofreading will be done twice during the printing. With this desk top printing the chances of human error also has came down.
    Even they there may be some mistakes some times. For this the best solution is to advise the students in the classroom by the teachers regarding the mistake and correct version of that mistake. If this is done there will not be any problem afterwards.

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    Error is common in all sectors. In the case of text books we should not take separately either the government publishers or private publishers, the error is possible as the same might not be intentionally made. The school authorities or teachers should take initiative to correct the same before teaching to the students.

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