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    College students becomes victims of deadly accidents every year

    Everyday when I go through news, the mostly seen are students died on bike accident, drowned in water or something similar. Why this much college students being the victims? Even the college which I graduated has the fate of loosing valuable lives as such every year. This is not the most painful part, rather the real pain is when we witness their family. How much expectations did they had on their children and all went in vain over his or her careless actions.

    It's time to think about this issue of teenages being the scapegoat. Is it because they were not given well awareness? Do parents or even the institution on which he or she is part of play the role? I sincerely feel that children have to be properly given awareness about many such aspects as a part of their curriculum. It's true that most college students are well aware about such things but doesn't these people have their duty over their younger generation.

    I am opening up this issue Infront of ISC which I found is an important thing to discuss and I wanted this to be spoken on behalf of many of my close friends who have become the victims over the past few years. Waiting for the relevant responses and opinions here. Thank you.
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    Our actions are in our hands. There is only a thin line between courageous and careless.
    You must understand the dangers behind your actions. Street accidents cannot be avoided because there are multiple factors behind collision of vehicles. But we can atleast control where we go and what we do.
    There is no need to get dangerously close to a dam, or a reactor, or any machinery to click a picture. It's just not worth it. Why are college students being victims? Because of the sudden sense of freedom. Exposure and peer pressure are also equally responsible.

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    I understand the concern of the author and I am agreeing with his feelings too. College students are always wanted to have a adventurous life to which they want to take any kind of risk. I was watching one video, where in group of college students who went for a picnic to see a dam, was found taking selfies at strategic points and knowing the impeding danger to life. Two of them washed away in the floods and others were helpless. Now this incident cannot be taken as accident. Had the boys were aware of danger to lives, they wont have ventured. Now imagine the fate of those parents who might have gone through the ordeal of nurturing those children and when they are about to get settled in life, they lost those lives. Often children wont realize the importance of parents before them and thus commits lots of blunders which takes their lives.
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    It is true that the percentage of students deaths in accidents is pretty high.
    This is very true as the teenagers feel themselves very great and wanted prove before all that they are great. In that pursuit they do many unwanted actions which are creating accidents. Accidents will not happen, they are made.
    I travel pretty well daily. I will be observing the traffic on road while travelling. As my driver is there to drive I give more time to observe the people. Many youngsters travel to their colleges by bikes only. every bike will carry minimum three passengers including the driver. None of them wear helmets. The way in which they drive is quite dangerous. They never bother about their lives.
    Parents and Institutions should pay attention to these aspects. They should educate their children properly.

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    On the one side the parents are culprit for this as they are giving courage and patronage to drive vehicles from their childhood itself. I am seeing many school children driving two wheeler on the roads. This encouragements develops more and more in them and when they enter into college the habit of drinks, support of friends make them to drive panic and meets tragic end with out caring the parents.

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