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    Lord Krishna's birthday : Janmashtami :)

    Today we are celebrating Krishna Janmashtami, do we know the meaning of it. It is the day when God Krishna was born, it is the day when the 8th avatar of God Vishnu came on this earth to kill all the devils who were destroying our dharti (Earth). What was the purpose of Lord Krishna's birth? It was because at that time or in that era there was a lot of ill-treatment of people on the basis of color, race and religious beliefs, there existed descrimination and torture, evil was everywhere, so to finish this up, Lord Krishna was born. He was the child of Devaki and Vasudeva, to protect him from his bad maternal uncle Kansa, his father just after his birth took him to Gokul, where he was being nourished and nurtured by Yashoda and Nanda, that is why he is also called "Nandalala" :) This festival is celebrated in our Hindu culture with full enthusiasm, people keep fasting, sings prayers together, Jagran happens at night, to welcome Lord Krishna.
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    This time as per the almanac the main festival of Krishnaashtami would be celebrated on 13th Sept across the South India and the temples would follow that date. Normally after the eighth day of Avani Avittam, that is the thread renewal festival of Hindus, the Gokulashtami would be celebrated and this time due to adhika masam the festival is shifted to Sept 13th. Nevertheless it is great feeling and enthusiasm to celebrate this great festivity which connects to the child character of Lord Krishna and each and every home regards and respects this festival with great welcome and connectivity to the celebrations.
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    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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