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    Is there any guarantee wearing helmet or seat belt saves our life from accidents!

    As there are huge sign boards for the sake of Traffic rules in the city established by the Traffic control board that wearing a helmet is mandatory and compulsory it will save the life from accidents and similar when driving a car seat belt is compulsory.As if some person unable to wear a helmet the traffic police issue a fine, after still wearing a helmet if the same person met with an accident and got injured do the government will compensate for that.Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    The author raised valid doubts. When you take the history of road accidents involved by two wheeler riders and car owners, it is found that fatal head injuries were the main reason for their death. When ever a speeding bike rider skids and falls on the ground, he looses the balance and invariably his head hits the ground or other things on the ground which gives rise to serious head injuries and even instant death. Like wise in case of car accidents too the driver of the car not wearing seat belt can be thrown out of the vehicle through impact of accident and thus sustains head injury. So to minimize such type of accidents, it is now made compulsory that the two wheeler rider must wear the helmet and the car drivers and the passengers too must wear the seat belt for their safety. For that matter life itself is not guaranteed even after taking lots of precautions.
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    Wearing a helmet reduces the risk of head injury, which can prove to be not just fatal, but can cause serious brain damage that could turn the victim into a vegetable.

    Seat belt prevents the driver and other occupants in the car from getting thrown out of their seat. There was a case in Delhi where an air-hostess, riding a cab, was flung out of the car due to the impact of the accident. She went through the windscreen and landed on the bonnet, and died. Someone very close to me was involved in a head-on collision. The steering wheel rammed into his abdomen, rupturing the organs inside. He passed away on the operation table.

    But, then there are cases where people took precautions and yet died. Another individual known to me was riding a two-wheeler. He avoided an oncoming vehicle, skidded and fell off his vehicle. There were no external injuries, but he died three days later. His head jerked back when he fell and the helmet cut off the supply of neuro fluids to the brain. Just yesterday the newspaper carried a report where a man died when his car caught fire on the Chennai-Bangalore Highway because he could not release the seat belt. His wife and child escaped.

    The government provides compensation when one of its vehicles is involved or when the accident happens because of poorly maintained roads etc. This is over and above what the insurance pays.

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    Wearing a helmet and using a seat belt are safety measures to reduce the effects of an unforeseen accident. But they are not tools to prevent accidents. They are tools to minimise the damages. If a person without wearing a helmet meets with an accident and fell down from the vehicle chances of head injury are very high. So if he wears a helmet chances of head injury will come down as the shock will be taken by the helmet. Head injuries are very dangerous and they may lead to death also. So helmet should be used while driving.But now a days I have observed in Hyderabad, the scooters drivers keep cell phone in between helmet and the ear and go on talking. The traffic police can't observe this. It will increase the chances of accidents. Whom to be blamed for this?
    Similarly if the person sitting in the front seat and driver uses the seat belt, by any chance the driver applies sudden break there will not be any problem to these two people. Otherwise they go hit front glass and injuries will
    result in.
    Personnel protective equipments are not for avoiding accidents but minimising the damages due to accidents.

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    This generation is always asking questions but if appreciable questions means it is okey but the questions should not be absurd. Any warning from elders or government side comes means only for our betterment, we should take in that way. In factories the safety officers are provided to ensue the safety measures for their workers and the workers should follow the same as they are made only for their safety. While using welding equipment one should wear the goggle and shield to protect their eyes, if they resist the first loss is to the employee and next one is to the supervisor and management. we are seeing many accidents in the highways and such accidents only due to such negligence.

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    Wearing of helmets gives partial protection from head injury. Helmet doesn't give protection to other body parts. However, it has been found that after accidents, maximum death occurs due to head injury. So, wearing helmets save human life after accidents in many cases.
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    Safety precautions are necessary in order to have minimal damages in accidents. Accidents happen because of carelessness and blunders of people and sometimes because of machine failures.

    Wearing a helmet does not mean that you drive at whatever speed you want. If a person feels that he can drive at any speed because he is wearing a helmet then he is the most careless person and he has no respect for safety.

    Safety is a lifestyle and safety appliances are only for the protection in case of accidents and they are not a guarantee against accidents.

    Wearing helmet or avoiding loose clothes near machinery or cleaning the slippery floor are all preventive measures and are for our benefit. We can not discard safety gadgets just like that.

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    It depends on how intense the accident is. No one can give any guarantee for your life after wearing helmet or seatbelts in respective vehicles. I don't see any logic behind this thread being raised. How in the earth can government give compensation for each and every person injured ? Moreover, implementing such strict rules are even a huge favor for people's lives. As members mentioned above, these are wore so that one can reduce the injury being caused to a certain level. If you need guaranteed protection then one should be as shielded like the ironman fully covered with steel costume.

    Jokes apart, the real motive for this is just to prevent one from fatal accidents. For two wheeler accidents, most deaths are because of drivers head being struck first. On the other hand the four wheelers and other heavy vehicles only require safety belts so as to prevent them from hitting their head on the glass and throwing them out. So do follow such safety measures and be safe.

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    I am asking the imposition or making it compulsory act or rule because safety is an individual aspect.If the government really show interest in the safety of the people first they should give us good roads and if that is not given how can they put stringent rules on safety measures. As some times these safety measures will give negative effects and side effects as Juana stated her post.
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    My answer to this thread question is a counter question:
    " Can a torch or headlight prevent night occurring"?

    I think the thread question is either a question for the sake of questioning or just a quality of negating everything.
    One cannot night from happening. So does that mean our vehicles need not have headlights, we need not take torches when we go out, or we need not have candles and lamps?

    A precaution is some action we take to prevent a probable disaster or ill occurring or at least reduce the ill effects from such happenings. Helmet and seat belts are just precautions for a prudent person.The precautions prescribed by law and regulations are all the results after detailed studies.

    Many accidents do not result in instant fatality. But many of them leave the victims 'living-dead". They become paralysed , immobile and totally dependent on others for rest of their life. (I feel quite emotional even to imagine that.God forbid. Let such things not happen to anyone). Use of helmets and seat belts can reduce the force and impact of crash to the vital organs like head an chest in many cases of accidents. Though injuries can still happen, they may not result in serious issues and victims could come back to normalcy very soon.

    We should take all precautions to prevent accidents. But when accidents can occur for reasons beyond our control, precautions like helmets and seat belts can reduce the ill effects.

    Let us not ignore needed precautions. That is a service to self, family and society too.

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    @#606373 You haven't read my view in #606364 thread.I agree safety measures or precautions be taken but why the roads are not in good condition why can't they first give priority to give us good roads rather for collecting Chalans not wearing helmet and seatbelt.In India Major priority things were left out but minor things will get more importance...
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