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    Who is the real hero

    basically we know that the hero is who that do a realistic thing such as our army
    but don't know why people called the bollywood actors a hero
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    According to me , real hero is the one who inspires others by his acts. A hero is one who wins in any situation. We call movie actors as hero as they fulfill the above mentioned criteria 100%. A hero is always shown with full of energy, enthuiasm and lot of humour.

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    A hero is a person who have good leadership skills and have multi skills. He should be a role model for many others of the same age. He should be able to inspire the people by his acts. The writers always see that the hero character will have all these qualities, so that people will treat him as hero. The person who are playing those roles will become popular among the people and get recognition as heros.
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    A hero is someone who does good in all possible ways for everyone. His actions implies humanity and wisdom. Bollywood actors are called hero because they play a virtual or imaginary role in a movie , that is they are able to be good on that part, so they are called hero. Because they act virtually. While our Indian army are the real heroes because they act in reality for their country. What they do is just not visible to us , but is always admirable and appreciable. They fight at border so that we can be happy at our homes. They will always be the real heroes of India.
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    A person managed to pull your concentration towards his story for two and half hours.
    Now tell me, isn't that heroic? Hero is someone you follow, because they're outstanding in their field. Anyone can be a hero.

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    Nice topic initiated by the author. Who is the hero in our life depends on how we take the situation into our stride. If we like to watch movies, then those who adore with good characters of arresting interests are considered as hero and there must be definite message coming out of hero action or his moves. On the other hand our jawans and soldiers are the real hero. They are fighting for the security of our country even when we are having 10 hours of sound sleep during the night. They are confronting with nature, heavy snow, wind and even worst rains and other seasonal effects which sometimes bring memories of home. However they still show their allegiance to the mother land and fight against the enemies. We are all deeply indebted to every army person and it is our duty to salute them when ever we spot them in person.
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