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    About indiastudychanneal and google adsense

    I need to learn about indiastudychannel and how to create a google adsense account and what is usage of google adsence. how to i work indiastudychannel.
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    There are a number of articles available in article section of India study channel which explains how ISC work in very detail. You can read about various ways of earning on ISC. And if you are curious about Google Adsense then there are also tons of resources explaining Google Adsense revenue sharing program but here I can tell about it in a nutshell.
    First I would like to tell you how you can earn from India study channel. The best way to earn from ISC is by writing articles because that will earn you some good cash credits along with Google Adsense revenue. Other ways of earning are posting question papers, you can answer questions in ask expert section and get cash credit along with points. You can also earn by posting jobs and updating information about school, colleges, universities and various cities of our country.
    Now, lets move to Google Adsense part. Google Adsense is a revenue sharing program by Google which pay you for displaying ads on your blog and websites. To create a Google Adsense account you need to have a blog or website which should be six month or more old. Also there should be original content on your website with daily traffic of 100-300. You can also apply for Google Adsense profile through Indiastudychannel but you need to fulfill some criteria before applying. You must be a gold member and your profile must be 6 months old. You can get rest of the detail in article section of ISC.

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    Hari Rajan, glad to note that you have developed an interest in ISC after almost six months of joining this site. I am sure that you must have been following the proceedings here for quite sometime now. I hope this will kick start the beginning of a fruitful association.

    Coming to your query, I would suggest you to read and understand the Posting Guidelines, all the Help Topics and also go through a few of the earlier posts in different sections to get an idea about the site and its requirements. ISC is an educational portal and hence our requirements and formalities are quite different from the normal social networking sites.

    In addition to this, a reading of these articles on how to earn from ISC and how to make money from Infolinks ads will also guide you through the different aspects of earning at ISC.

    It would be nice to remember that ISC is a good platform to improve your English and also your writing skills if you are really interested and have some time to spare. Get acquainted with the site first and start contributing. Give priority to learning, be active here and earnings will automatically follow. I suggest you to start by responding to newer forum threads.

    So, the waiting period is now over and you can start your journey with this wonderful site. All the best!

    'He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.'- Elbert Hubbard.

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