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    How should I address them?

    Since my childhood I have learnt to use salutation properly. ISC also stresses on this aspect. I generally address my online friends as Mr. X or Ms. Y. I feel that this form of salutation would be the least controversial.

    In India, generally the names of females end with 'a' or 'i'. This is the general trend in every part of the country. So, even if we don't see the photos/pics of the person, we can very well understand the gender. But there are some notable exceptions. 'Saroj', 'Kamal', 'Suman' can be the names of both males and females.

    My question is how should I address a person with such name? I can be more specific. In ISC, there are two Members, viz., Mathi Gopal and Mathi Barath. I do know that one of them is male and another one is female. So, how should I address these two Members? Same is applicable for gsAdhiks. How should I address him/her?

    Members may kindly guide me.

    (P.S.: No offence meant to anybody. This is a genuine query.)
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    I see no harm in addressing people by their name. The usage of 'madam' and the 'sir' are nothing but a colonial hangover. If you still find it disrespectful just add a 'ji' after their name. It is an acceptable form of address.

    A name is a person's identity. And, I think it should not be an issue to call people by their name. I call everyone by their name and there is no disrespect meant. Anyway, how relevant is it to know the gender of members on an online forum?

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    I agree with Juana. You can simply address a person by name. Addressing simply by name helps in avoiding mistakes. Even in the examples taken by the author, addressing as GSadhiks or Mathi will be more than enough and for further references one can always say the 'author' in case of any confusion. There is no need to know the gender of a person when you do not know him/ her personally and are just part of an online platform. I have seen many instances in ISC where interested members have offered corrections when their gender was wrongly mentioned by some.
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