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    Precaution: Keep CVV a secret

    Almost all the debit card and credit card users know about CVV. The full form of CVV is Card Verification Value. It is indicated at the reverse of every debit card and credit card. CVV is required for online transaction using the debit card and credit card.

    Although people using debit cards and credit cards are instructed not to tell the CVV to others, some of the users take the instruction in a casual manner. Today in my office, I have seen an employee mentioning the CVV of his debit card to his friend and colleague in an extremely casual manner.

    I felt alarmed! Despite regular instructions from every corner, some card users are behaving casually. If some amount is taken out from their account because of their carelessness, they will blame the bank without introspecting about their own fault.

    All card users! Please keep your CVV a secret. Don't share it with others.
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    CVV is really a very confidential. Earlier I was even hesitating to use credit card on line as I have to mention CVV there. But now it has become common to use CVV on line. But we should not disclose it to anybody.
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    Yes, CVV is one of the crucial thing of Debit Cards and Credit Cards. Few years back, when I used Debit Card. Then, the three digit CVV number was exactly same as the last three numbers of Debit Card. But now, this is not so. Technology of Debit card has changed and now CVV are different three digit number.
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