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    Why you want to enter into Indian Politics ? Is it easy to enter and build your name ?

    What is that key that differ top Leader from others ? Is it their speech ? Money ? Leadership Quality or something else? Join me in a discussion to know why ? What ? and How? The golden circle of politics
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    Political leaders must get popularised in the public before they come into politics. NTRama Rao was a very famous personality in AP. He started a new party. He made whirlwind tour all over the state for nine months. He attracted lot of new talent into politics. Everybody thought the entire society will get benefitted. All new faces won the elections basing on the charisma of NTR. But slowly old wine entered into the new bottle and politics are back to square 1.

    Politics is not everybody"s playground. Only persons who are shameless can only win the posts. But a clean person wii be an unwanted stuff for politica. The understanding is give and take.

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    Politics is not everyone's cup of tea. The truth is, we need politicians .How one can become a politician ? Fist he should have a vision for the nation . If the vision is for money or power ,then its not a vision. Its not easy to win the heart of the people. Politics is a game .One should know from where the wind is coming. Teamwork don't work all the time here. One should be alert 24/7. All political leaders are not experts. They need expertise to plan strategy. Here come the roll of political strategist. Many party hire them . Many parties like NTR comes and go. The one who have true vision and know how to take strategic movies will only survive . As a political Strategist I am interested in discussing more about this topic ,if anyone is interested to continue the discussion

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    If we see the general meaning of Politics it says "the activities associated with the governance of a country or area, especially the debate between parties having power." Politics is the word that holds in itself the real meaning of welfare of the human beings , because the politicians of our country themselves , the great leaders have done a lot to improve the conditions of our country, for the welfare of Indian society. The biggest example in front of us is the prime Minister Narendra Modi himself. In order to improve the condition of rural areas and for the welfare of people of village, he has launched a lot many schemes like Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana and many more. He has also started many schemes to improve the conditions of people who are below poverty line. It is definitely not easy to enter politics and you need a lot of effort to build your name and achieve a good position. People need to be educated and create awareness, to sustain and improve living conditions of people who are below poverty line. To attain all this, one needs to have ability and knowledge to make improvements.
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    If you are serious to enter the politics , then here are the great tips and ideas from my side. In the college days itself show your inclination to be a leader and join the students organization which is forceful and formidable. Then be a leader to reckon with by organizing series of protests and meets and that will get you noticed by politicians across the state. And when the local area elections are announced, put your nominations too. If you are approached by a party to be their candidate, welcome it but see that they have the chance to help you win. Then if you are successful as the corporator as a winner, then that is the stepping stone for MLA and then MP. One can also stand as independent and win but for that you must maintain the army of your own supporters and that is always combined with money spending activities. That means if you have plenty of money to spend like water, then politics is the right place to go ahead.
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