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    Kerala's festival season, Onam is fast approaching

    On 17th of August, the new year of Kerala (kolla varsham) has just started
    It is the 1st of Chingam month, the month in which Kerala's popular festival Onam occur. Malayalam speaking people all over the world celebrate Onam as special festival. Commercial people have already started bringing and stocking new items in their shops. Advertisements announcing reduction sales have already started appearing in news papers and TV channels. Government have announced the advance payment of pension and even salaries. Thus every Malayali is getting ready to receive Mahabali, the Onam deity.
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    The author initiated this thread on ensuing Onam festival which seems to be interesting having so many information. One of my Malayalee friend has invited for Lunch on Sept 4th itself as part of Onam festivities. What is the significance of that day ? When the main festival is on 17th Sept, then whey they invited us for the lunch on the day much before the festival ? The author and other Malayalee members can give full details of Onam festivals as to what would be the sequence of their celebrations the whole month, and that would be a kind of tutorial to the nomads like me.
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    Mr Mohan, the new year of Kerala, that is 1st of Chingam, has actually begun on the 1st of August. I think it was a typo error by Sankaran sir. And regarding your friend calling you for lunch on the 4th of Sept, it the second and most important day of Onam (Thiruvonam) and is considered to be the actual day when Mahabali visits his subjects.
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    In Delhi also, the Malayalee households nowadays wear a festive look. I am waiting eagerly for the invitation from my close Malayalee friends and colleagues.
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    Saji Ganesh thanks for those great information. Officially when the festival is celebrated all across the Kerala and how many days those festivities shall last long ?
    K Mohan
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    Being a malayalie, its a great feeling when we think about Kerala festival 'Onam'. I can only visualize people wearing Onam outfits and run around in a festive mood. Another major attraction is the flower carpet (athapookalam) made which is a visual treat and resemblance of creativity. The food that is served on leaves which is the 'Onam Sadhya', all these memories can bring even more sparkle for every mallus while Onam is approaching. Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous Onam in advance.

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    Onam is a very important festival to all malayalees. I was having a colleague from Kerala. He used to go every year without fail to Kerala for celebrating this festival. almost he was taking 15 days off for this festival.He used to bring some items made of coconut and used to distribute in the office. I wish everybody a happy and prosperous onam in advance,
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    Kindly look back into my post. I have given the date as 17th August, which is the 1st of Malayalam month Chingam. Thiruvonam, the important day falls on 4th Sept. I remember to had posted a few years back a small description regarding the history and mythology of Onam celebration, in a similar site: (Onam, History and mythology).
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