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    Self Improvement - way to inner happiness

    What does self improvement exactly mean? It could combine a lot many adjectives. Self improvement means we work on improving and sanitizing our behaviour, attitude, our perception to other's behavior, our actions, reactions, in order to attain inner happiness and contentment. It is the attitude of a person that tells how he react to every situation. How easily or how hardly he is going to take up any opportunity. Self improvement relates to both mental and physical levels. Physical improvement involves meditation and exercises. In order to cleanse ourselves emotionally, we need to purify our minds and attain a positive view of everything. An optimist knows how to turn a chance to an opportunity while a pessimist will make that opportunity a chance yet to be missed. I have met few people who are so positive and take everything on easy level. This tells that such people contain a positive aura around themselves, whosoever they will meet, they will create an easy going surroundings around them. Maturity comes through self improvement. When we start understanding reason behind everything, we slowly and steadily start getting mature. With self improvement you become a much better person, you attain peace in life and learn to handle every situation that comes your way, be it tough or a easy one. Self improvement helps to grow both physiologically and mentally. These words might sound little, but they play a greater role for the development and healthy living of a human being. There is one more attribute that we can attach to attain self improvement and that is "self motivation". Self motivation is an attribute which will never let you feel tough, even in the hardest situation, you will struggle and pass through it. Because you maintained the thought in your head "yes, I can do it, this is easiest to be done". Greater minds contain greater thinking. "Be the type of person you want to meet"
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    Do what inspires you !!

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    The author made the right pitch through this post which emphasize self improvement in consistent way so that there is no room for others to find fault nor we have the time to have a dig at others. Why difference of opinion between people crop up because if we unnecessarily poke our nose into others affairs, without seeing our own performance chart and thus invite the wrath for no reason. A busy person actually does not have time for other matters and he will be churning out new ways to prosper and ahead of others at least one step and thus being watched by other performers in making. Be careful, when you are performer and consistent in that effort, you are consistently and constantly dodged by others , criticized for no reason so that your morale would come down. Never deter with such rave comments, instead take it as challenge and move forward.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is true self improvement is always a need for individuals. One has to make an inner analysis of himself. What are the strong points he has, what are his weaknesses where are the opportunities and what the threats he has to face.
    This is called swat analysis by the so called HR pandits. They speak very idealistic. But when you come to reality, no condition will be an ideal condition. Your growth or your career don't depend only on your performance. This dependence on the non performers sitting by your side and seeing for a chance to spoil. Today the happenings in Infosys is a good example for this. You give power and you never allow perform. If somebody is performing how to suppress him. These are all the hindrances in today's world.
    A person sitting and taking the life easy without any tension will be very smart. Where the question of doing a mistake when you are not doing anything. A person doing 19 things may do mistake in 1thing. He will not even have time to see what others are doing. But the other person will be sitting calm enjoying the blessings of top we will be observing your mistakes and highlight those mistakes to the top.
    So it is not that easy to maintain as written in the books.

    always confident

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