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    Harvard Neurosurgeon proves that afterlife exists for real

    How mesmorizing it would be if there was afterlife for real. But as it cannot be scientifically proven, no one really believed it. But recently a Harvard Neurosurgeon named 'Dr. Eben Alexander' went through a critical experience of his life and was the only one to come up with solid proofs that afterlife indeed exist. This 25 year old brain neurosurgeon believed that afterlife is just an imagination or hallucination until he went to coma for 7 days by bacteria meningitis. He experienced a journey and had a vision for afterlife. Dr. Eben later on wrote his story and his book turned out to be the best seller. The real human life if actually a test so as to guide one's soul to grow. Love and compassion are the major key to succeed among all.

    Here is a glimpse of what Dr. Eben exemplified in his book:
    Dr Eben Alexander after life is a real experience as well as the real experience as human life on the earth. It is artificial dream. Love is the main fabric of afterlife. Human love will dominate everything so humans will raise and evil is small. People should learn and know more about love if they understand the universe. All afterlife communication is telepathic. All questions related to afterlife were answered by telepathic.

    So what do you think about this ? Does afterlife really exist or was he been carried away by the miracle of retrieving from coma. Submit your responses.
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    Life after death. Nobody sofar experienced or not we don't know. Even the information in the above thread is not that he experienced after life. Still he is alive and went to coma, I repeat Coma and came back to his life. Whatever he experienced during the period may be he is calling as after life. Even when we sleep also we will dream and sometimes we will see our life after death also.
    I am more confused now with this.
    Anyhow my strong belief is that every one has to experience all difficulties and pleasures during the life only. What happens after death is again a question mark only for me always.

    always confident

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    I dont believe in after life. He's a neurosurgeon. He should know better. Let me give you a small example. Clutch your right wrist tightly with your left hand, you'll pass out. And in this small unconscious period of time you go numb and start hallucinating.
    Isn't that similar to a coma? Well most would say there is a little or no brain activity in coma.
    But that cannot be. We are suspended in an unconscious sleep. It might be a phenomenon called "near death experience " that was experienced by him.
    People who suffer like that always claim to have seen God or heaven or angels.
    But they might just be imagining all of them.
    Moreover, telepathy cannot be scientifically defined properly yet.
    So, I reject the afterlife.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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