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    Interest will decimate all hurdles!

    Some people are born with golden spoon and they do have all arrangements, necessities, facilities for studying but even they lag behind in education and some people are born in Middle class they also have sufficient arrangements for studying still they lag behind education but there are poor people who do not have proper facilities for studying but their interest to study will not really bother about the facilities they will study even under street lights at nights? If you are Interest in doing any thing it will decimate all hurdles.Do you agree?
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    Mind set is very important for you to achieve the goal. First of all we should make up our mind that we will be successful. It will come only if you have interest in you towards that work. Once you have the interest you will definitely pass exam and get the seat in the college you desire. The success follows only if you have belief. Some people do some works half heartedly. They may succeed or may not. Some people have any interest towards the work. We should not force them to do that work. The result may be a disaster.
    A student who can't afford to buy a book, but having a lot of interest will get the book from his friend and read it. If there is no interest, book will not be opened by the same student. So interest speaks more than anything else.

    always confident

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    This is absolutely true, if you have interest in achieving something, you will definitely overcome all the hurdles that come your way to achieve it. It does not depend on what family you belong to or how much knowledge you already have. It is the inner feeling one gets that yes I have to do it. If you have interest in something, you automatically keep moving forward and keep resolving the issues if you get until you reach the goal. If someone just do things that is not of their interest, they might be able to do it or might be not. Consistency comes with practice, consistency only comes if you pursue your interest on a regular basis.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    Invariably I have seen that children from poor family whose parents are daily wage earners and labors have really fared well in exams and stands as a competition to tough ones. One mason who stays in a hut opposite my house in a open plot as the security guard, has given best education to his daughter which astonished every one in our colony. She successfully completed CSC and even got a Good job in MNC. But the modesty and the way the girl would behave with others is so interesting . This is the testimony that those who are from poor families, they know the difficulties each money their parents earn and spent on their studies. She not only remained topper from 10th, she got scholarship for studying in Intermediate and of course many came forward to complete her Engineering studies and today she is the earner for the family which still lives with modesty.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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