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    All about corporate culture

    We see people today are mostly working in private or multinational firms with a highly clean infrastructure. Some are real large scale companies which follows the corporate culture. Corporate normally means "relating to a large organization or group of people". When we work in a corporate environment , we see people dressed up in beautiful formal clothes , very neat, very impressive look that they have, having very good communication skills. With warm appearance, they greet each other. The way of work is way too flexible. Especially if you are working in IT sector, you need to have tea break after 1 or 2 hours of your work, because that is needed to relax the mind to work further. But there is one thing for sure in corporate culture, that you will not get to know what is going to happen the next day with you, I think that is the case with most of the private companies as well. You will not get to know when they fire you and you end up losing your job, inspite of having a good rating and performance. But at the end, you lost it. This is the way the corporate culture is surrounded by the politics in work. You will not get to know how your behaviour and attiude, whether it is related to work or personal basis can impact the other person in your department. The "Game culture" as I discussed in one of my previous articles is harassing here. How you work and what people perceive about you , even if the feedback is very good, it can change to bad in ample of seconds. People say something at your face and telling something else at your back is the worse case scenario here. But this is how corporate companies survive.
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    Corporate world requires coventional engineers who do a task only when they're told to. There is a very little scope of creativity. But for highly creative and imaginative individuals it is not very well suited. Moreover with a good paycheck, no one cares about their aptitude.
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    This simply proves that high salary and good work environment are not everything. Mental peace is also necessary for productive work. In fact, it is much more important.
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    How to take more work from a employee either in private company or corporate company is all depend on the trained managers. Some company provide the employees with free car service with to and fro pick up. That would reduce their fatigue and also in time to the office. Some companies are playing soft instrumental music at the work place, so that the employees wont feel the pinch of heavy work. Employees are allowed to have tea or coffee at their wish time and thus there wont be any pressure minute by minute. Most of the employees are opting for work from home culture. Which is in fact more boredom then working at the office as more disturbance at the home is for sure from the house hold and the children. Moreover those who opt for work from home, they tend to skip or slow the work as no one is watching or answerable. But that is not the case.
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    Yes. In the big MNcs, corporates and private establishments one has to work hard and prove the management that the are working more than the expectations of the superiors. When you work hard and give good results you will be awarded with promotions and increments. There ends the matter. Again you have to prove yourself and get the work done. Otherwise you may not be in the same post. Past glory is not counted for present assessment.
    So working in a private company makes you always suffer and even after all that there is no guarantee that you will come to office next day.
    There will be some people who are very near to top management they will always try to carry all wrong things to the top and see that this hard working man will make a move out.

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