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    Confusion regarding going for Civil Service exams or family business.

    I am from a small town in Assam and am a B.Comm graduate and a post graduate in MBA. Having completed my MBA 2 months ago, I have been involved in my family business, i.e., renting and Bonded Warehousing of Liquoir.. My father recently started a school as there are no proper schools here. He had been working very hard to make it a big success. I, on the other hand am totally confused whether to join our school or prepare for IAS, as that is one of my dreams. My parents ask me to pursue B. Ed sometimes or IAS sometimes.I don't want my father's dream of developing a well developed school go waste and also don't want my dream of becoming an IAS officer let loose. Can you help suggest me what can be done here?
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    If you are really keen to go for IAS, then you should follow your heart. Life gives only one chance to prove yourself, make it one. This is one life, one opportunity, try to get what you want from it. If you join the school your father has started that will also help him, but somehow you will not be happy pursuing that, because your interest does not allow that and you will always be distracted towards the thought "I wish I could have started the IAS classes and worked for it." So, do what you want to do. You can also ask your father if possible to appoint someone to help him out with the new school so that his work can be lessened. You can get into the family business later on as well. But missing such a great opportunity will make you blame yourself forever. So, do what you want to do.

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    You are mature and qualified. So, it is now time to introspect. Think about your future course of action in life and whatever you decide, give it an honest try.
    I feel that your prepare seriously for six months and make a sincere attempt from Indian Civil Services Examination. If you feel after a sincere attempt that it is not your cup of tea, then join your family business and work sincerely for success.
    Everything is upto you. But whatever you chose to do, do it with all seriousness. Half-hearted attempt won't give you success.

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    When it comes to career , you are alone the decider and there cannot be suggestions and guidance. You know your strength and weakness and the people around you advise many things. Think of your family, think of your own ability and then think of the need for a job to you or just carry on the present business. One thing is sure, those who are successful in business and having long standing patronage among public, nothing is great than that. So stick on to the business you are already doing. By doing further studies, you are only creating a hope for you and others , but in long run you many end up wasted time and then repent.
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    IAS has become just like any other employment now a days. Anyone who has some good academics and can put some focused work or join and train in a coaching class can become successful in IAS exam. But not every one can become an entrepreneur or start a business or service and take it to leading heights and also in the service of society.

    For you there is something basic infrastructure and people who have experience to help and propel you in this regard. If there is a spark of an entrepreneur in you, and you can identify that, then I suggest you involve in the family business line. You can render wonderful service to society by conducting the school well, increasing its standard and producing responsible and able citizen who are in demand everywhere. You can thus be a facilitator to grow more IAS, more entrepreneurs, army personnel. accountants etc. But if you really hate business, then don't take up in a half hearted way.

    Even by involving in business also you can study more, now in specialising and enhancing knowledge and expertise in the filed of your business.

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    I can very well understand your dilemma. However, the choice is entirely yours and you have to take the right decision keeping in view the aspirations of your parents and the dreams you have nourished since childhood.

    You are an educated person and matured as well. So, any decision taken by you should be taken after due consideration of every related aspect.

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    A dilemma regarding future course of action. One choice is IAS and another choice is family business. Your father wants you to help him in the family business. You have a fancy for IAS.
    Basically the interests vary from person to person. Some people will have interest in business. Some may be interested in IAS. I suggest you to think twice and take a decision which you feel is apt. Before that consider the following few lines also.
    You have to work hard,study well face preliminaries,then final and then interview. If you clear you may become IAS. As an IAS officer you may have to work under a minister. A MLA or MP may trouble you for favours. Although you want to be very reasonable,other colleagues may not allow you.
    Your Father has already created a base for you and showing a path. As an educated young man, you can use all your skills in rendering good education to many students. They may become big scientists,engineers or doctors and the make you proud. Some of them may become an IAS officer.You will have the satisfaction of producing some Indian citizen who are loyal to the country.
    These points are for your consideration only. You can take a decision as you like. If I have to take a call I will go with father.

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    Thank you so much for the valuable advices. I don't want to be against anything or blame any system but the truth is that the present scenario of business is dirty. I have had my analysis since years (during my MBA days) on the changing business scenarios. It is definitely challenging but I, in some way feel business is all about money. If you have it, you can reach great heights. Money not only as capital in business but also in terms of bribes to get important work done. It's everywhere. That's the only thing that makes me against business.
    School is a different picture altogether. As many of you have mentioned, it will be a way of working for the society and creating a superior generation down the line, I completely agree. I want to work for the society and will be satisfied if I can do something to improve it.
    Your suggestions opened up my mind and am obliged.

    Thank You.

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