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    I am distressed, perplexed and pained!

    Today afternoon, I was going through a very good and informative article on first aid, the link of which is given below:-
    First aid of giddiness, sunstroke, accidents caused by electricity and snakebite

    I have been impressed by the quality of the article. After reading it, I submitted the following response:-
    "At the outset, I thank the author for this extremely useful and informative article. The author has done a great job by mentioning the first aids for giddiness, sunstroke, electrical accidentS and snake bite cases. In all these cases, timely action helps to save the live.

    So far as giddiness is concerned, it may be caused by sodium imbalance and glucose deficiency. As stated by the author in this article, if a person suddenly feels giddy, he/she should be given sugar containing glucose. He/She can also be administered ORS. Thereafter the person should be taken to the doctor for proper check-up.

    In the tropical countries like India death due to sun-stroke is a common occurrence. We hear many cases of sunstroke and unfortunate death particularly during peak of summer. The author has provided the proper procedure for first aid in case of sun stroke. ORS causes wonder for initial treatment of a patient suffering from sunstroke. Many doctors advise people to carry ORS packets while moving out during summer.

    Adequate precaution must be taken during rainy season, cyclone etc., to avoid electric shock. If a person gets stuck to a live wire, he/she must be pulled away by dry wood or other substances which are poor conductors of electricity. Under any circumstance, electrocuted person should not be touched by other persons.

    So far as, snake bite is concerned, time is most valuable. Immediately after snake bite, proper tourmicate must be applied and the wound must be cut to enable the poisonous blood come out from the circulatory system. The person should be immediately taken to the nearest heath centre for administering anti-venom injection.

    There is no doubt that this article provides very useful information regarding first aids in respect of various accidents. I strongly recommend this article to all readers of ISC. "

    I am astonished that within 5 minutes of submission of this response, this response was deleted. Honestly speaking, I don't understand the reason for deletion of this response. I recommended this informative article to the Members of ISC.

    I am distressed, perplexed and pained. The concerned Editor may kindly explain the reason for deletion of this response.
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    Partha, sorry for the inconvenience caused, but having gone through the article as also your response therein, I don't see any reason for you to be perplexed, distressed or pained. Please check out point number 5 under the heading 'Basic guidelines on how to submit a good article response' in this thread on Guidelines for Articles Responses which would explain why your response was deleted.
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    Sir, checked the link which you have very kindly forwarded. I haven't found any relevance with my limited intelligence. Kindly help me to understand the relevance of your given link.
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    Thanku Partha Sir, this is really a very useful article as I have also faced giddiness multiple times. This is a very good source of information.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    Ms. Srivastava: Please thank the author of this informative article. I only wrote a response to this article which has been promptly deleted.
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    Partha Sir,

    Most probably, the clickable link given by Saji Ganesh Sir is wrong as it is directing to a thread where there is only mention of the guideline. The Actual guideline reads as under:

    'Avoid repeating views and facts already provided in the article. Your response should have some additional information or correction of information or general views. It should not be a tweaked, different version of the same content.'
    It seems the editor found no additional information in your response and deleted it without wasting any time.

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    Sorry Partha. I had given a wrong link by mistake. The same stands corrected now.
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    Ms. Mitra: Please don't tell that Saji Ganesh Sir sent me a wrong thread. After all, he is the Lead Editor of Forum section. He sent it right, but I can't understand it with my very limited intelligence.

    Furthermore, kindly go through my response, especially the portions related to dizziness and snake-bite. Isn't there any additional information?

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    Nomita has said it! And Partha, sarcasm has its limits and it would be nice if you understand that. Please.

    High, limited, balanced or nil intelligence is not our problem; we have to go by the rules and I am sure that even one with limited intelligence can easily follow our rules.

    Your basic query stands answered now and I don't think any further explanation is required in this regard.

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    Partha Sir,
    Since the original response you had posed to the article under mention, is not available there, I had to go through the article in the article section and then the information you have provided at the beginning of this thread to have a comparison.

    No doubt, you had given some valuable information in the portions related to dizziness and snake-bite and they would definitely have added value to the article under reference. I fail to understand how it had violated any guideline to the extent of deletion.

    I think the editor concerned can enlighten you more in the matter.

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    Ms. Mitra: Now you have started understanding how some back-benchers are being treated by some esteemed teachers.
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    I have some little experience of commenting to the various articles through which I go. As per my understanding we can praise the article as much we want and that is one part of our comment and the second part of comment which is much more important than the first part is do we have any new idea which we can give in our comment and which is not mentioned by the author. If so then the comment is assessed positively by the editors.

    Otherwise I don't think a comment will be deleted just like that.

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    Umesh Sir,
    I cannot fully agree with the first part of your response i. e. 'we can praise the article as much we want.' Does it mean that we should praise an article even if it is not praiseworthy? doesn't it mean that by doing so we will be performing the role of just a 'Yes Man'? Doesn't it also mean that if we wish to respond to an article, we have to give up our prudence? To be frank, it's next to impossible for any member having some common sense.

    Recently, while commenting to an article, I found it full of mistakes; both grammatically and language wise. How could I praise that article? I had no other alternative but to request the editors for a thorough re-check of the said article.
    And then this part, 'If so then the comment is assessed positively by the editors.' I don't think that it should be the prerogative of the editors weather to take a comment positively or negatively. Being a part of this important site, they should take both praise and criticism in stride.
    After all, such comments are made for raising the quality of the article as well as for the development of the site.

    I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.

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    Knowledge is power.

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    My only mention was for a good article. I emphasized it to make my second part more comprehensible. You are very very correct that we should not praise an article just like that. Very true.
    Appreciate your quick and precise observation.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It may please be noted that points or cc are not allotted just for praising an article. To be frank, editors do not count such sentences while assessing a response unless it is more than just a praise or criticism which appear to have been done after a thorough analysis of an article by the member.
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    "It may please be noted that points or cc are not allotted just for praising an article."-But from the responses it seems that many Members do have similar/same impression.
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    Please read the responses at #606485, #606493 and #606496 carefully without any prejudice and arrive at a proper conclusion. Partha, please do not try to interpret comments as per your convenience and try to drive words to arrive at the destination you are aiming at.

    Since I don't think there is any point in elongating this thread, let me ask you what additional information you have provided in your response except for say dizziness due to lack of sodium etc? Okay, just point out the additional points and also confirm that most of the content was not just copied (though juggled and with few word changes) and prove that your response need to be re-reviewed.

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    Mr. Saji Ganesh: Copied! Kindly give proof of your assertion that my response has been copied.

    Rest assured that I am not going to let it go unchallenged.

    Caution: Explosive. Handle with care.

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