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    Can you name some of the laziest and industrious animal or creature in this world?

    As in my school days, I have a Telugu lesson called as 'ants and their history' in that it was written as Ants are the most industrious creatures or living things in this world. I do n't know whether it is correct or not but I got a thought in creatures if there are different types of natures like industrious why not we can have laziest creatures or animals in the world.In Animal planet Channel, I saw a documentary about snakes one type of snake which will eat one animal and sleep for 3 months.are ants are the industrious creature and snake is the laziest reptile animal?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Laziest animal undoubtedly is the sloth.
    It spends all day clinging to the trees in Amazon basin. It excretes once a week. It doesn't groom it's body.
    It rarely leaves the tree it considers home.
    It is the slowest animal on the planet.
    Industrious though, I'd vote for honeybees.
    They're literally " as busy as a bee ".
    They travel miles to make a spoonful of honey.
    They rarely sleep.

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    I would give credit of Industrious animal to Tiger as it has the stamina and strength to knock the enemy animal for food and it can run, chase and even put its own life in peril to get the food. The energy spent on hunting is enormous and once it was satisfied with the food it took, it wont disturb other animals passing by. And Laziest animal, I would vote for the alligator. They stay in the water and cannot survive out of it. That means they have the compulsion to stay in water and they do not have the guts to chase and attack the animals even standing the shore of the water source.
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    I consider Rhinoceros is most lazy animal because most of the time it spends on eating and sleeping. The movements of the body are also very lazy because of its heavyweight.
    Ants are the busiest animals, all the time collect food and carry them for long

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    From my point of view, Hippos and Sloths are among the laziest creatures in the world. Whenever I visited zoos and wildlife sanctuaries, I found them either sleeping or moving with a slow pace. On the other hand, ants are really active and I had never found them sleeping.
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    Mr. Ravi: As far as I know, hippos can't be considered very lazy. There are evidences that hippos can run fast even in marshy lands of Africa. Sloths are no doubt the slowest animal. I don't know whether it is the laziest.
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    In my opinion Koala is the laziest animal.It doesn't involve in any activity,it sleeps the most of time.Ant is the most industrious animal.In its colony everyone plays its role.Some birds are also industrious.They involve in gathering food and sticks for their cages.
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    My opinion on the subject is as follows:
    Laziest Animal is Sloth. They hang out to the trees most of the time. They never prefer to move from there. They do all activities there only. They sleep almost sleep 20 hours a day. I think on an average Kumbhakarna sleeps only 12 hours a day. They prefer to hang out there only.
    The most industrious animal is Rabbit. They work very hard for their livelihood. They don't have the concept of family planning. Every year they deliver Kids. Each delivery they give birth to 3 to 5 kids. They struggle very hard to get food for these kids. They spend full time in arranging food to their kids.

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