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    Is too much Interference of technology will curb the privacy of a person?

    As security, the most important aspect in this modern world as technology gets improved day by day and its usage in security aspect has been widespread you can see security surveliance will be used in offices, shops, meetings, public places, roads, houses e.t.c. As with this use of this technology, there are many advantages and they do have disadvantages too.As there is a huge demand that security surveillance should be there on public transport in order to prevent certain things happening.Is too much Involvement of Technology will curb the privacy of a person? knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    I don't understand what kind of privacy one wants in public places? The above mentioned all places are public and not our bedrooms or home. It will be better if the author explain more about the privacy he is talking about.

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    There is no point saying that technology will curb the privacy of people. This does not make any sense. Technological developments has always been a blessing to mankind, that too if it relates to the security of people and their important things. It is a good sign to have security cameras installed in public transport and public places, because the maximum theft happens there only. Even if it is meeting rooms or shops, it is good to have cctv cameras for security purpose so that there is no loss of things. Talking about privacy and going against of security of our own assets does not make sense at all.
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    It has now become easy and definite for the law enforcing agencies to have the reference of CC tv footage if any crime is done or even a theft takes place. Numerous cameras are installed on the roads , in the lanes and also in side the big malls. Trouble makers may stoop to the level of even cutting the connection of cc tv installed at ATM and other places, but they are not aware that at least two or more cameras are installed in every shop so that wrong doers is caught unaware. But one mus look for any camera installed in the changing rooms of ready made shop and that would be interference in private affairs.
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    My opinion is no privacy required in public places. Privacy is required in private places only. In a transport vehicle a boy teasing a girl should be punished. A boy openly smoking in a public place should be punished definitely. A person trying to snatch away gold chain from a lady on the road should be punished. In a market somebody trying to take away some articles without paying should be punished. A person violating the traffic rules should be punished. To catch hold of these culprits and avoid further happenings CCTVs in public places are very much necessary. We should not think them as interferences.
    But CCTVs in trial rooms and other places where privacy is required should not be allowed as they may create privacy problems to people.

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    #606548 . If a girl wears some modern dress or her dress unexpectedly not in good form as these cameras exploited that then how miserable for the girl.
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    #606561, I am sorry, I am weak in English, you will have to clear me. What do you mean "unexpectedly not in good form"? If I can understand your stand, I can clearly reply you.

    However, I don't think CCTV cameras are mounted to harass anyone but to protect public. Also, I don't think anyone sitting 24/7 to zoom around at girls for public pleasure.

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    #606563 Unexpectedly her inner garments or body parts exposed as it would be a great entertainment for those who monitor the system and it is shown it on the big screen. A lot of youtube videos are of that kind only... Now I think it is clear for you.
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    606564, I think everyone one does not wear such dresses, and even if one wear, they should be bold enough to carry out in public place. However, just for your this reason, one can't put the majority public in danger. What you are talking is very less to defend your point about "privacy" in public place.

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    What is the topic of this thread? Is it interference in privacy or the choice of dress of ladies? So far as privacy in public place is concerned, this is simply not possible. We can't expect privacy in public places like parks, malls, railway stations or airports.
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