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    Results of ISC Jallikattu TWO - The best bull fighters

    Dear all,
    Kindly refer this thread. ISC Jallikattu TWO was fought by seven enthusiastic bull fighters Syed Rizwan, K Mohan Soundharya, Dr. NV Srinivasa Rao, Partha Kansabanik, Hakkimuddin and Padmini.

    The Best Bull fighters who could get all the bulls are: Mr. Syed Rizwan and Ms. Soundharya

    The result in detail
    Rizwan and Soundharya - 11/11
    Dr. NV Srinivasa Rao - 7/11
    Hakkimuddin - 5/11
    Partha - 4/11
    Mohan and Padmini 2/11

    The correct bulls are:

    The city/town given as clue to guess the right bulls is - KANYAKUMARI

    Well done. Congratulations Syed Rizwan and Soundharya.

    Members, Join me to congratulate the great ISC Jallikattu bull fighters.

    @ Sorry, I could not announce this result on 15th August as I was away and due to my inability to login ISC with my Mobile phone.
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    I do not challenge any result of any contest. But I am quite curious to know on what basis the correct words (answers) have been chosen.
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    Congratulations for the two winners of Bull Fight-- two, namely Rizwan and Soundharya. I wish all the best to them. Thanks to Sun for conducting the same. I am happy that I got second place with 7 correct bulls out of 11. Let us look forward for Bull Fight--Three.
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    It is self-explanatory. Please read the thread again and understand it. I would like the winners to convince Partha if they wish.

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    Hearty congrats to Rizwan and Soundharya for getting the first place with all correct entry in the Sun bull fight contest. My appreciation also goes to Srinivasa Rao and Hakimmuddin for getting second and third positions.
    K Mohan
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    Thank you all! I am happy to see my name in the best bull fighters list. First I failed to think logically and fought only 3 bulls in Jallikattu ONE game but in Jallikattu TWO, Mr. Sun's clue (If we take the first alphabet of the 11 words selected, we will be able to construct the name of an important city/town from Tamil Nadu which is in jumbled order) have helped me to catch all the bulls successfully.

    Special thanks to Mr.Sun for conducting an interesting Jallikattu game. I really enjoyed playing this word game.

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    Thank you Mr.Sun for selecting me as one of the Best Bull fighters in the ISC Jallikattu two contest. It was an interesting puzzle. I also congratulate the other winner Ms. Soundharya. As mentioned in the previous response, the clue was very helpful in the finding right city name. With the jumbled words there were many possibilities but finding the right one was very interesting and tricky. Thank you Mr.Sun for the interesting contest.

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