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    Increasing trend of online Shopping

    This has been pretty common that we buy clothes, gadgets, utensils, almost everything through internet. This is becoming a famous trend that people in order to purchase things offline from shops, they prefer to shop online. Is this way always better? I do not think so if you are ordering clothes, or electronic gadgets it is not necessary that things will be fine every time. We do not get to see the item physically and it is just a virtual thought to us that it will be good in terms of quality. The stuff sometimes comes as the appropriate order also, with good quality. This increasing trend of online shopping is leading to the decline of offline markets. The emergence of digital era has given rise to this trend. This online trend is getting common, because it eases people from going to the shop and they get the things itself at home. Are people getting more lazy because of all this? People in order to attain more of comfort zone are changing their life styles.
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    The so called on line marketing companies are duly cashing in the weakness of the people who does not have time to shop in virtual way and thus by giving images of the product or services on line, they seek to book it and deliver within 48 hours. What I was informed by many of my relatives and friends that the images which are given in the online company site is different and when we get it personally the product is different. One of my relative has ordered three shirts of his size based on the catalog and the pricing there off. But on getting the parcel and then after unboxed it , he found that the sizes were very big to which it wont suit him. So he has given those shirts to me which was the right size. Now he lost 1000 rupees and also missed the birthday celebration because he wanted to celebrate the same with those new shirts. That means there is no guarantee of quality, size and also the pricing when ordered through online marketing.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There are lot of reason to buy things online we can get good discount and case on delivery option are also included. I compare prices many time online and shop rates its huge difference. On shop there is costly so to save money is main funda for buying things online.
    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    Since I have started working, I rarely get any weekends to buy certain things for myself. It's not possible to leave your work and buy your essentials. That's when I resorted to buying things online. Yes, it has become a trend to buy things online now. Main reasons are :

    1. I get to see innumerable options and then compare the prices at the tip of my fingers.
    2. I can avail different deals with the right coupons that I have. It seems that the prices in the market and online have a huge difference.
    3. Shop Owners will always charge you the entire amount unless you know the art of bargaining. (I am very bad at bargaining). At times they do budge and that happens very rarely with me.
    4. It delivers the orders at my convenience.

    Just like the coin has two sides, even online shopping has its darker side.

    1. The quality and the material might not be as good as it looks but then Myntra has come up with a wonderful option of try and buy. Now many of the prominent websites have modified their return and refund policy so now it's a lesser headache if you don't like any material.
    2. Online shopping is to save your time but you might end up spending more time doing window shopping on it.
    3. When you pay hard cash you get a pinch while parting with it, but when the payment is done online, studies have shown that people don't think much before spending.

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    Nowadays there is a push for on line purchases. Earlier days only electronic items and electrical appliances which are costly like fridge, cell phones etc., were being obtained throu online. But now all items including vegetables are also obtained by online purchase. This is in a way good. We need not spend lot of time for purchases. By sitting in the house we can get the items. Quality is also maintained well. If any deviation they are ready to replace. I observed in some items rates also less when compared to going to show room and purchase. There is no chance of fee,ing deceived as the rates are displayed on line and no bargaining further. I expect a day to come even diesel and petrol also on online purchase for vehicles. Now we are getting even medicines also through online.
    always confident

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    A very good thread dealing with a very relevant topic. It's true that trend of online shopping has been increasing rapidly every tomorrow among people for various reason. The most important point as mentioned by the author is that people don't want to move out of their comfort zone. May be laziness is also a reason but some them do so because online shopping provides them a variety of choices at very low cost in comparison to offline market. They can easily compare and decide the quality and price of product withe help of several e-commerce websites.
    Now, most of the sites are offering return and refund if you are not satisfied with the quality of products. So, online shopping is getting more safe and secure and ultimately is gaining lot of popularity.

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