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    Why do some people avoid eating anything during an eclipse?

    I have heard that people generally avoid eating food during an eclipse. Even at home, the elders prevent us from eating anything saying that if we do so, we might fall ill or face some other harmful effects.

    I have also seen some people discarding food items prepared before an eclipse and prepare afresh.

    Why do they do so? Is there any scientific reason behind it or it is because of mere superstition?
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    What I understand is during the eclipse the planet will be coming a little near to the earth and during that time the rays that are coming out from the planet may be harmful and spoil the dishes. It may not affect the uncooked food but the effect is more on cooked food. So the food may get some inherent changes which are not good for our health. Hence our elders say that we should not eat anything during that food. It is even advisable not to see the eclipse directly also. It will effect your eye sight.
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    When we believe our stars and the its movement inside the constellation, the moon and sun are also part of the solar system and the eclipse occurs with the shadow region of earth on Sun or moon. That is scientific way of convincing people. But our elders believe that the moon is being attacked by Rahu and Kethu for having humiliated in front of Devas for having taken more than one time the Amruth being served which was got from the churning ocean. So Moon has complained about the bad characters of Rahu and Kethu to Lord Vishnu and he punishes them by beheading the Rahu and slicing the body from the head for Kethu. So when such things of enmity is happening in the sky, how can the other stars can enjoy the food when some one in the solar system gets punished. That is why elders advise children and others not to eat anything during the course of eclipse and that would be good for all.
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    Most of the belief we humans usually follow is all superstition. Because scientifically nobody says that you should pray god. But usually my grand mother use to to say that during eclipse that might be solar or lunar eclipse, the sun and moon coincide during that period sun and moon will be in difficulty so as we humans believe that moon and sun are god. So when god is difficult how can we enjoy having food. That's why during that period most of us fast. That's a belief scientifically there is nothing that we should not eat during that period.

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    We can call it a blind belief that we follow. Although, my parents even tell the same that we should not eat anything if it is the time of eclipse. Because in our Hindu religion, both Sun and Moon are visible God, and during the eclipse if it is lunar or solar, since they are all close to each other and in the solar eclipse, moon completely covers the Sun and obstructs its path and radiations. People also say that there are some fights between both the Gods when this eclipse happens. Even we follow the same thought that we should not eat during eclipse and we also put Tulsi leaves inside the food, so that it can be eaten after eclipse. It is followed because we follow our parents and they tell the same, we take it as a religious thought may be.
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    Though I heard not to do shaving or haircut on certain specific days, I never questined but to my surprise I read in one astrological book (published in karnataka)bought by me in Bangalore for a relative of mine casually scanned but happened to got a clear explanation for the above.Similarly there should be some valid reason for this also. My view instead of worrying later, we can just obey our elders.

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