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    Why ISC members love to be invisible?

    There were time in ISC when I used to open the forum, I used to clearly see the names who are visible. The list would be no lesser than 10 during peak hour. However, nowadays, I see no names available. I know members are invisible mode but actually online. I can understand the invisible mode in social sites but in ISC, I just could not able to understand.

    So, I am curious to know why ISCian love to be invisible?
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    The observation of the author is correct. In addition, some Members have uploaded old photos with side profile. I myself raised the issue some months ago in the following thread:-
    Will you be able to recognise another ISC-ian....

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    I am not able to understand how they can be invisible. Earlier when we open the site on the lower part of the pages names of members who are on line used to appear. Even some time back also I have seen the list. But today that list is not there. Is it the same thing you are telling. I am thinking that the site Managers stopped showing the list. I don't know I may be wrong. What one can do to be visible or invisible? can any learned member can teach me please?
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    Reply of Mr. Rao means he is in visible mode but his name is not appearing and its same with me too. Does it mean that it is stopped showing the online list?

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    Previously the on line members who were active at that particular time were visible for us and that information was available beside this box itself. Now ISC has allotted that space for ads and hence our online positions are not seen.
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    I was not aware of this that people go invisible also if they were online but Mohan Sir the symbol of being online is still shown beside this comment box. You can check. I am able to see people who are online with that small icon that is always there beneath the name and image of the person. I always found the Ads being displayed at the bottom of every post or article.
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    Please look into this thread by Tony sir and the link provided therein for details in this regard.
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    Pooja Srivastava, Can you please explain more, because I am not able to see what you are seeing. I can't see anyone online.

    And Saji, thanks again for enlightening us in my thread.

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