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    Medicinal benefits of Castor seeds and castor oil

    Many of present youngsters do not aware the seeds and oil of castor plant. Some medieval people will shrink their face by hearing the name of castor oil. Some olden people crossing 55 years will nod their head as the usage of castor oil is good as they have been forcefully made to use the same. The castor oil was given as intake medicine for getting free purge from stomach in those days to children twice in a year.
    This is called as follows in various languages:
    Eranda in Hindi
    Haralu in Kannada
    Aaamanakku or Kottamuththu in Tamil
    avanakku in Malayalam
    Erandi in Bombay, Marathi
    amudhamu in Telugu

    Though it is called in different names in different languages the medicinal benefit is high for this seed and oil. Earlier this was used to prepare dosa in houses.
    It is having a good laxative power and has no side effect.
    * If we put two drops of this oil when boil toor dhal for cooking, it removes the gas from the dhal
    **This gives no smoke while firing and therefore people used this oil for lighting in the nights in houses
    ***Those who have constipation can use 3 to 5 drops of this oil by taking in nights before going to bed and have a good and freshness in stomach in the morning.
    ****For children two drops of this oil can be given at bed time for good clearness stomach
    *****When we feel severe stomach pain due to heat, we can apply this oil by spreading smoothily around our naval
    ******for knee and joint pain, the leaves of castor plant can be affixed on the painful part after slightly heating the leaves in the oil lamp light.

    Dr.Hebbar clearly states the benefits of castor oil in his book easyayurveda as 'Erandestu rase tiktaha svaadooshNO anilanaashanaha...................'

    It is good to start our wellness by following our elders way instead of pouring money to doctors later.
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    Mr. Pattabiraman: You have been regularly posting very informative articles on various medicinal plants. I reegularly read your posts and keep the information furnished by you in mind. Why don't your write these in details in Article format?
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Castor oil and seeds are very well known medicines. In our childhood days, we used to take this twice a year to have a clear stomach and good health. This is a good medicine for children also. If they have any indigestion problem, if two drops of this oil is taken by next day their stomach will get cleared and they will be away from indigestion problem. As mentioned by the author if children are weeping because of stomach ache, this oil is just heated and applied on the stomach around the navel, they used to stop weeping and they are relieved of their problem. This is a very good medicine.
    always confident

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    Wow! Never knew about this seed or oil. It was very informative and I have made mental note of these points.

    It reminds me of how much our generation lacks the knowledge of natural memories. As requested by Mr. Partha please do post this as an article with much more details. It would benefit every reader.

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    After reading this post, my thoughts ran into my childhood, when my father used to give us castor oil mixed in tea or coffee and the whole day we are not allowed to go out as there would be total over hauling of our body and we tend to clear all constipation problems and also get rid of ulcers inside the body and especially in stomach and lever. Those who regularly take castor oil, they wont get any disease and those who apply castor oil in the stomach area to the children when they cry for stomach ache, the pain would be instantly reduced and the child would be normal within minutes. In Tamil the elders refer it is Pillai Vallppan oil.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Very informative tips and importance about castor seeds by author. Even I do agree that castor seeds or oil have many medicinal values. This is also good for hair from stopping grey. My father till today daily uses castor oil for hair. He has never used other oil other than castor oil. When we were children we didn't know benefits about castor oil. but now after being a parent I know the benefits and I started using it.

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