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    I need help in submitting my three articles for the contest " Characteristics of _____"

    Dear members,

    I was trying to submit my three articles on 19th August(last date for submission) for the contest "Characteristics of ______" when there was issues with my third article and it got deleted and i got a message saying Access Denied to India study channel. I was blocked from the site and couldn't log into my account. Now everything is solved as the admin restored my article and now i need to post it in the forum but i saw a message saying the thread was locked and i couldn't post my entries there. Please advice me on what i should do to put my entries in the contest as i took a lot of time in writing these articles. I am also new to this site and I'm not much familiar with all the policies and rules here. Also my third article about an NRI is still not in my Recent Posts tab. It is lying under My Alerts tab. I'm not sure if everyone can see my third article. Also the summary for that article is still not being shown but i can view it,not sure about others. My entries are :

    Characteristics of a Good Computer Hacker

    Characteristics of a Good Chess Player
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    Mr. Abraham, the particular contest is now over. However, you can submit these articles going to Articles Section ('Submit your Article').
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    Thank you Mr Kansabanik, but i need to know how to put my entries in the contest. Is there any way for me to do that? when i contacted the admin Mr Tony John he told me that if the system notices an unusual activity, it may automatically delete an article but it will be restored by admin if it qualifies to be restored. He also told me that i can submit these articles for the contest.So i would like to know what i should do for that. He asked me to post this question in the forum.

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    Libin, I will give a link to this thread in the contest thread so that the admin can consider your entries if they are eligible otherwise. I have deleted the link to your third article on Characteristics of a typical NRI since the same has been posted on the 23rd.
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    Unfortunately your articles cannot be considered as entries for the contest. As per contest rules, we do not allow late submission of articles as entries after the closing date, irrespective of other issues including any technical / system errors. You likely got the block message due to some issues of perhaps not adhering to the rules or facing posting limits if your earlier articles were in pending/deleted status and as per the automated system could not submit further articles. Note that you cannot bypass the system.

    We understand you are new to the site, but in all fairness to other participants, we cannot accept your articles for the contest. If it was the case of a reward program which was not a contest, we would have accepted them. As we have often advised to contest participants, please do not wait till the closing date to submit your articles and to submit the URLs of those as entries for the contest. Of course, your articles will get the points and cash credits in the normal course of review by an articles editor.

    Hope you understand and do not feel disheartened by this setback, participating with enthusiasm in future contests.

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    Ms. Vandana: When I mentioned the same thing (which you have just stated), my response was awarded 0 point by some other Editor. Is there any specific reason for this?
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    Give me some time. I will check it out.

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    Partha - note that one point has been restored to your response since you did confirm that the contest was closed and the articles cannot be considered as entries.

    We will now keep this thread open for Libin's responses only as he is a new member and may require further clarifications.

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    Ms. Vandana: Sincere thanks for correcting the 'wrong'.

    I feel that Mr. Abraham wants to know how link of article is given in case of contests. He can be informed so that he can participate in future contests.

    At the same time, Mr. Abraham can submit the articles for review. He will get points and cash credits for the articles.

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    Thank you Ms. Vandana for your detailed response. It was very helpful. I will try to post my entries earlier next time. And thank you for keeping this thread open so i can reply here. It was very thoughtful of you.

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    Mr. Kansabanik, i would like to reconfirm something about the link of articles given for contests which you mentioned earlier. I am under the impression that the usual routine is to submit the articles in the normal manner and to use hypertext in the contest forum to post my reply to link my article which i submitted earlier. If i am wrong please let me know about the correct procedure.

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    That is correct. Just as you gave the links to your articles in this thread, you need to do so in the contest announcement thread. You should put the links to all articles for the contest in one response only, adding the URLs each time you submit a new article as an entry for the contest.

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