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    I am a true citizen if I respect environment

    We are all Citizens of India. We all love our country. We want the Government to function well and we want all happinesses in our door steps. We all always fought for our rights..But we never bother about our responsibilities. We always try to get somehow benefitted from all angles.
    We all sit in AC rooms and discuss about environmental protection. We never care to see whether public places are clean. We eat food while travelling in car and through the waste papers on road.
    There are many entrepreneurs in us and they say they are doing lot of service to society by providing jobs to people. But they will see how to avoid expenditure on effluent treatment and gas emissions as they are not productive.
    If you just think yourself are we real citizens of the country.
    If one is taking care of environment then only he can say that he is a true citizen of India. This is my opinion.

    Agree or Disagree?
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    Rightly said by the author. As a true citizen every body bound to follow the environment protection surely and there by ensuring our bit of involvement in ecological balance. We must stop smoking cigarette which contributes much to the environment decay and also affects our health largely. Though others are not smokers but our smoking activity affect them passively. Like wise by using air conditioners, we are contributing to the natural hazzard and hence one must get satisfied with fan air only. Likewise use the car when it is necessary and not to be regularly used. Thus we can contribute to environment.
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    Sitting in AC rooms and discussing on environment issue is a big irony in itself. We all know that AC and refrigerators emit CFC or chlrofluorocarbons, which is the most dangerous gas, responsible for environmental pollution as well as for the depletion of Ozone layer of atmosphere. The change starts with me and you. Nothing will change, unless we change.

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    If one is taking care of environment then only he can say that he is a true citizen of India.
    Agree with your point. There are many environmental laws and many ways to save the environment. We should abide by the rules and ethics.

    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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