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    Is there any restriction in the dress for a sport?

    As we some sports like Tennis, Badminton and Beach volleyball, Hockey. for that matter Jamnastics when females are playing in this sports their body gets too much exposed and there is no proper dress culture in this sports.As we see in Newspaper and Television or even when playing the sport the Olympic silver medal Sindhu, Sania Mirza, and others are wearing short dresses and expose most of their body is it an Indian Tradition and culture?.Is there any particular dress code for each of the sports?Is it mandatory to wear that particular dress?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    I feel the author getting too sensible about the dress culture in present days. However, I find no wrong of the dress code of athlete unless your mind thinks differently . Does the author mean that Indian athlete should wear sari or salwar to play the sports? Is it really possible to move your body freely? Of course the athlete have their dress code and this is what they follow. I feel sad that the world has moved so forward but our mind is still stuck in the deep rooted useless thinking.

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    If not a skirt why can't they wear a short which is fine for everybody? It looks vulgar when showing their inner garments and it is not needed too(wear skirts and loose T-shirts).Why are movies rated A and U certificates Do you think the censor people are idiots?Why some of the skin exposed youtube videos are banned in India?
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    Yes there are uniforms or costumes designed for particular sports and athletes are advised to wear such costumes only. Else their performance will be ill. In tennis for an instance, men wear white half sleeve collared t-shirts and shorts, while women wear a t-shirt with a skirt. Because there's a lot of running required in tennis. So a fully covering garment can hinder the performance. In Basketball, there are Jerseys and 3/4 pants. In cricket we have full handed jerseys and full pants as the protection is given utmost care in cricket. Hockey and football kind of share a same uniform.
    Even in golf, men wear a t-shirt with track pant accompanied by a cap.
    There's a reason athletes are advised to wear these. If you are a fan, enjoy every aspect of the game, even something as trivial as the costume. If you are a critic, use your analysis to determine why such clothes are worn in the first place.

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    Restriction for a dress or introduction of dress code everything comes only violation or abnormalcy found. Practically speaking do we go out in bathing costume on any occasion? Dressing of one should not affect others on any situation. I read in facebook that till the existance of 'half saris' in girls, the crime rate in respect of girls/ladies were less than minimum. In old films the minimum dress were given only to a set of people but now heroine herself comes in such minimum dress. So dress code is essential for anything.

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    Dress code is essential. But in games the convenience of the dress also plays an important role. So the dress code will be in such a way that they are convenient for the players to play and should not be very provocative also. But the argument in this particular contest is that the people going there has to concentrate on their play only but not on the exposing and other matters. The players will say, we will concentrate on our game and other things won't matter us at that moment. Once we are out of game we are very cautious about our dressing they say. They will say when I go for my game My complete focus will be on my game only but not on anything else.
    However it is good if the dress is designed such a way that it is convenient at the same time it should be decent also.

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    There is a lot of difference in player playing some sports and an actor or actress portraying themselves in a movie.
    While playing sports, the most important thing needed is the comfort to play. In this case, if there is any restriction made to the player in their dresses, it could in any way impact their game, because of uncomfortable and tacky dress up. I completely agree with Dr. Rao, that the dress should be descent and that is already there with the women players of our country. The people who are the dress designers of the players, they are completely aware of how the dressing of the women player should be. I do not think there is any point on commenting out about the dressing sense of women players of our country, it is completely useless.

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    This is the controversial subject being discussed many times in the media, forums and in this site too. Dress code for players has been designed and designated by respective sports authorities and one has to follow the same irrespective of tradition and culture. The sports activities are such that if one wears other dress, the out come of the game would be different and wont sync. Yes wearing short dress is against our country and its tradition. But at the same time we cannot stop the females in sports to have their say and get glory to the country. By the way once a person becomes celebrity in any discipline of sports, he or she becomes the icon and the dress statement matters the most. And for those who are interested to see the game in right spirit, they wont mind what kind of dress was worn by whom. But over exposures in the garb of playing is surely not permitted in any country and that is for sure.
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    Is there any restriction in the dress for a sport? : They do have guidelines to follow for every sport. How sane is it to expect a women sports person to concentrate more on dressing rather than on the game? Since the author has mentioned Sania and Sindhu's name let me list few of their achievements.

    Sania has won the Arjuna Award, Padma Shri, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, Padma Bhushan and she was also one of the highest ranking women tennis player of India. She has brought India fame and glory. She has always lifted India with pride and gave her best for the country and yet some people have got the nerves to comment on her dressing. Are people expecting her to play the game with saree or salwar as per Indian Tradition? Same goes to Sindhu, she has won an Olympic medal and also recently she got us a silver medal.

    Every game has a dress code which has to be followed for the comfort of the player. If you are truly there to enjoy the game, the dress code shouldn't matter. It's all there in the mind if the focus of the viewer is not right even if the player wears saree, people will still find fault of exposing too much skin.

    Be proud of what they have achieved for the country instead of criticising them of their sports uniform. They are not in glamour world but they are playing hard for the country.

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    How is it even possible to follow Indian traditional way of wearing clothes while playing a sport, you just think it for a while. Imagine you are Sania Mirza and you are about to have a match with some foreign player who doesn't have any traditional rules to wear clothes. Suddenly our Indian senior citizens come up and forces you to wear sari for your match. Who will win the match just think once. You will crawl all over the ground just to stand stable.

    So the point why I making is that for any sport to be played by a sportsman to his or her best is only by following the dress code that is beings followed right now. If anyone feels watching such sports vulgar then avoid watching those rather bringing up with stupid traditional rules and ruin their future.

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    I have read about women( at least from a few particular nations) participating in events like swimming ,beach volley etc fully dressed from head to foot.

    How a dress is suitable for a particular sports event is based on how comfortable and adaptive the dress and how well the person has adapted to it.

    Jhansi Rani rode on a horse and fought forcefully in the dress prevalent in those days. We have a real life practical example of Kalari Gurukkal Padma Shri Meenakshi Amma' performing the martial arts in her traditional dress.

    It is one thing to prescribe a special dress or uniform for a sports event, but another thing to say that only this particular dress to be worn. In selecting and mandating a dress for an event many parameters like comfort, affordability, weather protection,individual culture, traditions and inhibitions, overall decency and acceptability are to be considered.

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    #607257 I agree with the comments made by Pattabhi Ramachandran sir and Venkateswaran sir.Wearing a skirt or a long skirt will expose the skin or inner garments but if you wear a 3/4 short which is very comfortable to play.The decency is very important apart for winning the match. These Icons will act many advertisements with vulgar dresses that are a different issue.
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