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    Why can't we use drone technology to monitor the condition of railway tracks?

    As we see in India there are so many accidents happening many people are dying and injured mostly of wear and tear of railway tracks and improper monitoring of railway tracks why can't we use technology to know the railway track or in proper condition or not?Why can't we use drone technology to know the condition of railway tracks?So that manual error will be minimized?Do you think Technology will help to monitor the condition of railway tracks?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    It would surely be great. But there are few real life situations that we need to overcome. Drones we have are not made for inspections. We have surveying drones only as of public's knowledge. We need to devise a technology that can identify defects from air.
    Moreover, Indian railways is one of the largest networks in the world. So, application of drones might sound appealing to many, but drones aren't made for long distance surveying.
    And, it's internationally on buzz- whether to use drones for construction defects or not? So, we can move on with the drones as soon as positive results are obtained.

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    Technology can definitely will come in handy for monitoring the tracks and maintaining them. I don't know the present status of Drone technology is how far suitable for monitoring these aspects. It is really worrying the way in which railway accidents are happening. We should put a system in place to monitor the lines and make them defect free. Audits of railway tracks at regular intervals and rectifying the defects well in time should be done on priority. If somebody suspects a system, simply without understanding the actual position and postponing the repairs is also a fault from officers side. There are some techniques like ultrasonic testing system and defect finding systems which are well known. Applicability of those systems here is to be studied. Technological developments should be given top priority for solving these problems.
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