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    Mixing myths with half truths

    Do you think myths are often mixed with half truths deliberately? Air your views on this interesting topic.

    Over the past few years attempts are going on to glorify our past through certain perspective. Senior leaders of the current political leadership are indulged in it by photoshoped images and administrative claims.
    We all know that India lost 1962 war with China badly. That left a deep scar on our national psyche.
    But, a Sanskrit language textbook meant for Class 8 students in Madhya Pradesh now says India won the war! 'What famously came to be known as Sino India war of 1962 was won by India against China" The Times of India newspaper quoted the book, Sukritika, volume 3,on Aug 10.Published by Lucknow based Kriti Prakasan,the text book is being used in several MP schools affiliated to CBSE of the Govt of India.
    Rajastan Govt want us to believe that Maharana Pratap conclusively defeated Mughal Emperor Akbar in the 16th century Battle of Haldighati! But actual is the opposite, India Today reported in July this year.
    How students know Gandhi was assassinated? The new social science textbook for class 8 do not mention the assassination of the Father of the Nation. The book published by Rajastan Rajya Pathyapustak Mandal, did mention Mahatma Gandhi along with other top leaders of India's freedom movement, it did not refer to his murder by Hindu fanatic Nathuram Godse on Jan 30, 1948.
    Such twisting of facts and spreading lies are common practice now.
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    Yes. Some times some mistakes may be happening like this. Some of them may be intentional and some are not intentional. If somebody is trying to change facts intentionally that can't be tolerated. If these mistakes are happening that to in text books, unnecessarily wrong facts will get into the minds of these students. Such mistakes should be corrected immediately. Gandhiji is a great leader and struggled a lot for the freedom of India. How his name was missed in the list is also a question. Of course some of his decisions may proved to be wrong but his efforts for Indian freedom can't be ignored.
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