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    Elephant god comes with a rain always

    Ever observed this? It rains every Ganesh Chaturti. I've experienced 19 of them until now and I don't remember a Ganesh Chaturti that was dry. Dampness is something I associate with Ganesh Chaturti.
    Now some might say, Ganesh Chaturti mostly falls in August and Septembers, the peaks of rainy season, so rain isn't unusual. But there were years like 2014 and 2015, which were completely dry with only nominal rains. But it rained on Ganesh Chaturti in those years too. Irrespective of the local weather, it always rains this day.

    Why is this? What else can be a factor of this phenomenon?
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    It is true. I have also observed this. Today morning also there was a little rain. This is a regular feature to have rain on Ganapathi Pooja day. As observed by the author This day generally in August or September, which is rainy season. But there is no rule that it should happen every year. Probably Ganesh is not able to with stand the heat of this world. So he wanted cool atmosphere on this day. So while starting he might be requesting the God of rain to follow him on this day. I said this just on the lighter side. I am not able find a reason for this. Rain God don't want his leader to suffer with heat of this earth. So he is helping him.
    always confident

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    Yes in India the rains starts from the second week of June every year by virtue of Monsoon gift which originates from Kerala and spread across the states. And the Ganesh Chathurthi do comes during the season and it is quite natural that rains would be experienced during the festivities. That is the reason being so street corner Ganesh Mandaps are having arrangement of rain withstanding roof tops covered with plastic or tin sheets so that nine days festivities could be held without any break. But those who are making and selling the plaster of Paris made Ganesh Idols, had the hell time yesterday as there was heavy down pour in our area and not all the idol kept on the road side for exhibiting and selecting could be covered with plastic sheets. Nevertheless most of the idols were protected from nature fury and today when I went almost 60 percent of the idols were cleared or sold. That is the essence of this festival, come what may the activities goes on.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This is not an astonishing phenomenon. Ganesh Chaturthi is held in the month of August. And the month of August witnesses rain in almost all parts of the country.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    During the rainy season there is nothing unusual in having rains at times.
    Now why it invariably happens on a particular festival day is a intriguing question and people will answer it as per their faith or understanding.
    We can utmost say that it is a divine coincidence.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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