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    Seven guidelines for a peaceful life

    The following seven makes us healthy as well keep usinpleasure:
    1*Keep yourselves with healthy foods
    2*Help others
    3*Never hate others
    4*Keep yourself in pleasure to invite the day
    5*Try to be please yourselves always
    6*Be brisk always
    7*Laugh openly
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    Agree with you Ram Sir, these are the things which can keep a person happy and peaceful as well as healthy and active. We can include one more point towards a peaceful life and that is "self-motivation", it helps a lot to build up your patience and positive attitude in uneasy and tough situations :)
    Do what inspires you !!

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    your seven point formula appears to be good. If we follow it our life will be always happy and peaceful.
    Helping others should be our motto. Basing on our ability and capacity we should help who are in need. If a poor man comes and ask for food we should never say no. We may not be able to make her completely satisfied. But whatever we can give, we should give. This is human.
    To have healthy food habits is for our life only. Some people will never care for it and later on in their life they struggle and make others also suffer.
    Another important accept is we should not hate others. We may not be able to friendly with all. But we will just will not care somebody. Their way of life we can't change. Don't hate them but don't think of them
    The other points are for our happy life only. Alwaus be happy, be smiling and laughing.

    always confident

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