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    How great our Earth is!

    When I was travelling I find this quotation which was quoted by Mahatma Gandhi 'Earth will satisfy all our needs but not everyone's greed' but it is a false quotation earth will provide us to live or stay not only that when we drill earth we will get gas, oil, food and water and some important minerals also will get in earth surface as it is not only satisfying the need (is to live)but it is doing more than that.How great our earth is?That is why in Sanskrit there is a say called as 'kshmaya Dharitri'. Knowledgeable members, please give your views on this.
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    Yes. Earth is having lot of patience. Even it gives food to the person who is making injuries to it. We are doing mining with explosives. The vibrations and jerks this Earth gets when explosives exploded is so harsh. But Earth will give you precious metals, coal and all important materials including Gold. But we never care for it. We give waste as food to earth and earth gives you number of eatables like rice, vegetables, dols and fruits. Even the animals will get food from the earth only. So as mentioned by the author ' Kshamaya Dharitri'. This earth is really a boon to mankind. It is the only planet allowing human beings to live on. As far as the science known today no planet except Earth is having mankind surviving on it.
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    It is true that Earth is giving us so many things and these are making our life so enjoyable. The list of natural resources which the humans are exploiting from the Earth is endless.

    As on today it is the only planet known to be favourable to human habitat. Scientifically telling this is a planet where life evolved in a miraculous way by a combination of so many chemical constituent in the atmosphere and solar energy or the lightning energy. As per the famous scientist Darwin evolution of life on Earth was a complex process and has a parallel history to the evolution of Earth itself.

    I agree to the contention of the author but at the same time feel that we must preserve our habitat in such a way that the humans can live on Earth for a long time.

    If we play with nature only in exploitation mode then there is a danger of losing natural environment and there is also a danger of extinction of human race.

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    Yes Earth is having lots of respect in every bodies mind. From earth only we are born and we would end the life within the earth. Earth has facilitated us to live in harmony and for many years. The greed, cut throat competition and not caring for others with selfish motives, we go one step further to even not caring the earth guidelines and start provoking it with wrong decisions and earn the wrath. Why should floods occur, because we have narrowed the flow of the water and encroached the land for housing and farming. Likewise low lying areas abetting water bodies in the cities are encroached to great colonies. In the event of heavy rains, the water has to enter the low lying areas and for that we should not blame the earth and nature. One thing is sure, earth is more patient and it is watching our every moves with silent. The day when it gets agitated, that would be end of the earth as the pralay starts to kill all.
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    Correct said by Mahatma Gandhi.. "Earth will satisfy all our needs but not everyone's greed". Our planet earth is beautiful and lively. The nature in its great form gives us all that is needed in the form of fruits, vegetables, the ecosystem to survive. It is the only planet to have life on it. It is formed in such a way that it can fulfill all the needs of its creatures, without demanding anything in return.
    But we the human beings, inspite of living a peaceful life are not preserving it in return , rather we are destroying its precious assets. We are destroying and cutting trees, which contains oxygen, the gas which is the source of our living. And so, we are minimizing our lives. We are making animals abandoned by doing this, they have no homes to live, they are roaming in cities in search of their homes.
    True that earth is giving us very useful minerals and ores. Inspite of getting so many shocks from the humans, whether it is an explosion or deforestation, it loves its creatures and give valuable things to it.
    Instead, day by day, we are increasing the fear of death of lives on this planet more , by destroying and causing harm to nature, by cutting trees, the basic resource of nature. We need to protect our planet and take steps to preserve our ecosystem.

    Stay happy and stay healthy.

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