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    What are the side effects of drilling gas and oil from earth?

    As we know drilling earth surface we get oil and natural gas as it become a necessary source to get these valuable products from earth surface as some scientists and researchers are saying that that drilling oil and natural gas will leads to earthquakes. Do you think the India should stop drilling the earth to get oil and Natural gas.Knowledgeable members,Please respond or post your view to the question.
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    It is not desirable to stop drilling oil and gas from earth. They are very important for our daily routines. Chances of getting may increase by this. If that is the case we should not do mining activity at all. Any mining activity will make the earth weak and It may lead to earthquakes, to that effect. So we have to stop even coal mining also. Do you feel it is possible?
    Another section of people says lands may become less fertile with the activity. May be true but because of these reasons stopping drilling oil and gas can't be stopped.
    Earthquakes are natural calamities and may happen very rarely. The frequency increases means nobody can say how many times it will happen.
    So my firm belief is that we need not stop the activity.

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    There is no such apprehension as earthquake after drilling for oil and gas.

    Technically speaking oil and gas drilling is done even upto 4000-5000 meters down in the earth. It is not like open surface mining.

    During production of oil and gas from the earth a lot of injection water is injected down and it takes the place of oil and gas removed. So void compensation is already done.

    Volumetricaly the inplace oil gas rock volume is small as compared to the thickness of earth crust and earth volume. Moreover the source of earthquakes is mainly the tectonic movement of practicality disjointed surface plates of earth crust floating on the earth magma below. The very very small and fine movement of these plates against each other brings the devasting earthquakes and oil gas drilled areas has nothing to do it with.

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    What will be happen to Earths equilibrium? Do fake water which is injected will replace the gas or Oil quantity. If so, drilling of water from earth surface will also leads to earth quakes. There are two causes for Earth quakes one is man made and the other one is natural as we call it as Natural Calamity.
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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