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    A complete man- On roads now.

    A man who is worth crores of rupees is now on the roads because his son shown him the exit of his house. For his lively hood he has to go to court. He struggled a lot, established the company and obtained a recognition to his company. Reymond's says A complete man. Whatever you have in your life if happiness is not there I fell our life is not complete. Another point of concern is these days no relationship is more than money. Father might have some mistakes Even then the son should take care of parents. The morale from this issue is as long as we live we should keep our property on our name and we should see that our life partner will have happiness through out her life. What do you say friends.
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    I have also read about the unfortunate event of the 'complete man'. I feel that such children can be taught a lesson by 'reverse mortgaing' the immovable property. I am planning to write an article giving details of reverse mortgage. Nowadays there are several court cases on the issue (children not looking after old parents), bit I doubt even the direction of the courts can change the attitude of such children. They can be taught lessons by their parents only.
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    It could be the love, affection and over confidence of the father which lead him to such an extreme sacrifice but it eventually turned out to be a mistake on his part.

    This was an unfortunate news in the circles and groups of elders many of whom are dependent and being taken care by their children. There are many poor and middle class families where children are taking care of their parents without any grudge. So we should not feel discouraged with such extreme or isolated cases.

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