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    Do you drill your mind to post a message in the ISC forum?

    I want to post a message in ISC forum and click the button Start New thread for discussion but up to that I don't have any question in my mind it is blank then I drill my mind to give me a question as I drill down I will find a question the source may be from different things my school or College textbooks or Newspaper or what I discuss with my father or with my friends or close relatives or hear somewhere or saw somewhere.As I will not post as it is I will manipulate something and post that in ISC forum?Do you undergo same way when you post a message in the ISC forum?
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    No, Generally I don't need to do that. There are so many people and so many incidents happening around us everyday. If we are alert, we can easily find sufficient matters to raise a thread in the forum.
    Be it a social cause or a personal problem, so many members are ready to help us find a solution or at least, can suggest some remedies.
    The only problem I face, is the lack of time.

    I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.

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    Generally we need not think so much for raising a thread. At the same time raising a thread without much scope for scope discussion may not serve the purpose. One advantage in raising a thread here is many learned members will read and give their suggestion to people so that some good solution may come out of discussion.
    always confident

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    Whenever I get an idea which is worth writing in a forum particularly in ISC forum I note down it in a diary. Later on when I get time I prepare it in details and post it.
    Sometimes I try it without preparation but I don't get any good idea worth posting. I discontinue my session and try at a later time.
    What I noted is that if you try to post a thread without thinking you get all old ideas which are repetition of earlier threads.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I am very astonished after reading this thread and response no. #606979. Some Members are so particular while raising threads! I personally don't bother to think much and note down the points, etc. Most of the time I write whatever comes in my convoluted mind. However, I do read my thread after completion to check grammatical mistakes which I often commit due to my poor English.

    However, in case of articles, reply to questions and information updates, I try to be as accurate as possible.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Mr. Venkiteswaran: Most probably your response is wrongly posted in this thread.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Partha Kansabik (@606986),
    Thank you for pointing out the mix up. I regret the error. Thanks to the editorial team person for deleting the same.

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    Many topics surge in my mind regularly. This is more during travel. As I do not use my mobile for net and online postings, I would not be posting it then and there. I keep the topic churning in my mind for sometime. However very soon I forget about it.
    I tried jotting down the topic and then posting a thread later on convnience. Frankly that did not work with me.

    I am more comfortable and practical in posting impromptu matter. If I keep it for 'later' I will never do it.

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    There are many subjects and ideas which come in ones mind but when you think to write it in forum as a new thread you find that it is a very old subject and has been figured there so many times in various forms.

    The author has very rightly pointed that one must use his knowledge and brains to create a thread with new and fresh idea.

    Does it mean that there is a bankruptcy of new ideas and people are not getting one for their threads? It is not like that. One has to deeply ponder and exercise his mind to explore and discover fresh lines of thoughts and ideas to put in form of a discussion thread so that people take interest in it.

    Knowledge is power.

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    We can observe in our forum that some of the valuable members post many threads without any essence and without any scope to discuss. They do not mind to have a drill in mind before posting their threads as their motto is to escalate in the ladder of points and CCs in this platform.

    However, coming to the subject, it depends on various aspects like experience, wisdom, knowledge, spontaneity, etc. whether one can have a drill before posting an issue. But, yeah, I do agree one will have a better drill / exercise with the brain to get a better output and to have a proper essence in the matter you post. Many of us I believe, who would like to give the best, not only in this forum but also in any forum, will deliver the best on having much drills / practice on the issue.

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