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    Do you know about Quick Mail Services?

    As I was in my Childhood and I was in the school Residential system as I want to post a letter(it may be a postal card or inland letter) to my parents as my friends insist me to write a three letter bold word called Q.M.S which is abbreviated as Quick Mail Services what is the use of this three letter word is it will reach the letter to the destination with in no time(in the sense very fast). In other words, it acts as a catalyst for reaching the destination. Do Postal department really have these type of services?I heard a Pincode will be a lot useful for the Postal department but QMS Quick Mail Services will help to reach the letter faster too. (As this happened in 1994).Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    It was a service provided by the Postal Department before the introduction of the Speed Post Service.
    It was a free service without any extra charge. One had to write Q. M.S. on top of the envelope, inland letter or a post card.
    However, after the introduction of the Speed Post Service for which one has to pay extra charges, the Q. M.S. service is no more in use.

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    Like ordinary post, certificate of posting and registered post it is also one of the service provided by Postal department for the public. Quick Mail service is converted to speed post nowadays. You have personally take the letter and hand over in the office. They charge some extra charge than normal post and give you a receipt. It is supposed to reach the destination faster. But my observation in this regard is difference. There is a surety that letter will reach the receiver but fast is doubtful. The charges are less than registered post. But this service is not available to all places, as far as my knowledge goes.
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    QMS-Quick Mail Service- was existing before the introduction of Sped post and coming of couriers.

    Generally postal mail articles were dispatched to distant places by railway and public transport bus service. Such vehicles carried a board or painting like RMS-Railway Mail Service or just' Mail'. Earlier trains were also named Madras Mail,Bombay Mail etc. For a local or an accessible geographical area there were postal department's mail vans. (For overseas mail also there were Air Mail and sea mail.These were charged differently.)

    However subsequently postal mail articles were also(additionally) sent by air from and to main cities having airports. There was no separate Air Mail unlike overseas mail. For example if one has to send a letter from Chennai to Mumbai, some articles which got sorted and readied within a particular time slot were sent by air. Those which came later or at other time slots were sent by railway,as usual. People came to know this. Postal department also allowed people to write QMS on the urgent letters so that such letters were sorted and sent by the immediately available air dispatch slot.

    I have experienced that I used to get a 'QMS' written letter from my native place to Mumbai, within three days, whereas other letters came after five days. However as the QMS was just a contextual goodwill free facility and no record is kept nor receipt given, no one could legally or rightfully claim on that.

    However when people started writing QMS in every letter, the priority got lost in the crowd and postal department stuck to the time slots. Subsequently private couriers came into the scene and Speed post also got implemented QMS lost its significance and usage.

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    QMS was a service provided by Postal Department before the introduction of Speed Post. But unlike Speed Post service, QMS was a free service. It was discontinued because people started misusing it.
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    Yes Quick Mail Service was introduced those days which must contain the detailed address and the pin code of the destination was must. I have seen that some times the the letter posted in the local green color post box at the head office would facilitate the delivery of the letter to the addressee on the same day. Either too when we were writing letters, we would simply write name, village name and the district name. At the village post office the post man would know every one by name and at the most the post man shall take the help of village sarpanch to find the new name. But with the advent of pin code for every village across the country, the postal department could able to reach the addressee with ease and QMS was the best postal service which was offered those days. But one has to mention the QMS word on the top of the envelop and post them at the designated box only, otherwise the letters would be delivered between 48 to 72 hours.
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