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    Sorry Nature ! Hyderabad is never prepared for extreme rains. Have mercy on us.

    While writing this post, there was heavy rain outside and I could gauge it would be some where between 10 to 12 cm. Over the past two days there was heavy down pour the whole night, and the Hyderabadis had their worst experience of rain havoc. Low lying areas inundated, electricity services snapped, water entering homes, children cannot go to school/ colleges and normal life has been totally disturbed. Just can't imagine flood like or cyclone like situation as compared to other coastal districts of AP. So rain God have mercy on us.
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    Yes, Previously Rainfall comes from the sky but now the water fall is coming from the new construction rail bridges.I observed once how this rain goes through the pillars is there any drainage facility for this but now my doubt is cleared there is no drainage facility in the Metro Rail bridges.So now more traffic jams and it is a hell for two wheeler' s....
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    Hyderabad roads are not designed for rains. A small rain also lot of water stagnations on road and we don't know how to even walk on that road. Because of this traffic congestion and traffic jams. If the rain is heavy, it is an indirect warning to the people not to go out. We don't know where the open pits and uncovered manholes. We are at a big risk if we go out in that heavy rain. As mentioned by Bhushan added to the above problems these metro rail bridges without proper drainage system multiplying the difficulties. Really there is no end for this. TRS says they are spending crores of rupees on roads. Where is that money going is a big question for me. Roads are becoming bad day by day. So if it raining means all problems Hyderabadis. But rains are also required. Otherwise drinking water shortage. Government has to understand these problems and improve the roads. Otherwise we will sea hell on hearth on a rainy day Hyderabad.
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