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    Has the time come to re-define some words?

    Words like morality, chivalry, fellow-feeling etc. were once part and parcel of humane qualities.

    I have read a story about Maharaja Agrasen wherein it was stated that whenever any new person came to live in his kingdom, the neighbours helped him with one brick each to construct his house and one rupee each to start something to earn his living.

    However, the recent incidents happening these days compels one to think whether these words have any value to the present day people. They have become selfish and act only for their own interest. I don't say that there is no exception, but they are only handful in number.

    No child is born selfish. It is the circumstances that change them. What are those circumstances- greed, sense of insecurity or something else? Please write your views.
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    Definitions change with time just like people do. But just tell me, was there any moment in your life you thought you did something selflessly? If yes, please explain the instance. I don't think "self-less" exists. We do something because we expect something.Seven deadly sins- pride, envy, greed, lust, sloth , gluttony and wrath are etched in every man's heart. We commit these sins everyday. What brings out these sins? The "self" does. To remove the self, means to not sin. But is that even practically possible?
    "The true human nature never advanced beyond the stone age".
    I can give a tons of examples. In about 10,000 years of recorded human history, only 200 years were peaceful.
    What does that show you? Nothing has changed. Definitions remained definitions and humans remained humans.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Human beings have been changing and evolving with time. The time decades ago during the reign of Akbar and many good kings was different and the life of people was under the power of one man. King was so helping and kind to them, that they were contented with what they had.
    Accordingly, with coming centuries, human thinking and mentality changed, there was arrival of our patriotic fighters, who fought for our country to attain freedom, at that time when freedom was about to take place , some divisions occur and Hindustan and Pakistan were divided. From there itself, the differences started. Now in today's time, everyone have rights to equality and rights to live their way they want. People following those rights and seeking every way to think their own way. It is not that everybody is completely selfish , there are many people who will lend you a helping hand whenever you need. But its the way people view other people, because today trust among each other has decreased a lot, because of increasing crime, theft and lot many things. These reasons make people to not easily talk to anyone, and to think that if we should help the other person or not. So , definitely these are the circumstances, the situations happening in our country that are making people to think in a "not good" way. People still carry and follow the same thoughts but the situations does not allow them to be better.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    As the time goes, we are also bound to change and be in the ring of acceptance by the present society , otherwise we are made to live in alone mode. There is a proverb and saying in Tamil that before we taking the meals for that day, we have to serve the poor and the needy near our house and then start eating. Now tell me who is following this great saying. My elders used to say that in their village they would have a place for sitting out side each house and that is constructed for those who are carrying on onward journey through walking and carting. So when ever a village is spotted during late evening , they would stop and take rest in place called Thinnai Tamil or Arugu in Telugu and the unknown visitor was served with food and water for that evening. That was the attitude of our villagers who would offer their food for the others first and then they would eat. Now we cannot find such practice at all.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Change is inevitable. It is bound to happen. But if it happens for good. It will be nice. But if it happens for bad we should not encourage that. I have seen in my childhood many people keeping some raw rice in a container near the entrance. If any beggar comes somebody from house used to give a handful of raw rice from that container to the beggar. This act is selfless only. They are not getting anything in return but beggar was able to have a meal. Those days lot of value for money and materials were cheap. But the conditions changed. Money has become very cheap and materials has become very costly. But even today there are some people who donate some money to old and deserved people. To my house every sunday , one old person will come. I will give him Rs.10/- to him. Similarly I go to temple every sunday and while coming out I donate Rs.10/- to the beggars sitting there. Like that many people will donate near the temple to beggar. These are selfless acts only, I think. Everyone should do some charity to poor basing on our capacity, it may be a one rupee or ten rupees. We should donate to the needy people. There is no necessity to change the words or recoin the new words. Let us practice old within our capacity.
    always confident

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