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    Dance - the best form to expression your feelings and emotions

    How do one define dancing - it is a creative art, a performing art, in which a person through his various postures, expresses his feelings and a set of emotions to a group of people or an individual or oneself. There are some dance forms which make people go highly sentimental like "contemporary". There are many other dance forms like ballet, hip hop, jazz which has its own significance. Indian classical dancing imbibes in itself the great form of art, when we see a dance form like Kathak, Kuchipudi or even Bharatnatyam, the way the dancers move their eyes and hands with lot of enthusiasm and affection, is just awesome. Classical dancing expresses love and devotion to God, they have various "mudras". It is also a great form of exercise. So, keep laughing and keep dancing :)
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    True. I don't even plan on dancing yet I dance sometimes. You don't even need music to dance sometimes. The surroundings itself will make you dance. We all dance when we are happy or ecstatic, right?
    Good music or beats naturally make us all bang,shake or twerk. This primal motion is given shape by our innovation and further steps are produced.
    And, why do we dance? To express or to impress? Dancing to express something is quite lame-sounding. Any kind of art form, is very hard to make, and to think that someone would try that hard to express something, is pretty unnatural or rather absurd. So, we dance to impress. Impress the audience or our friends. We do dance to express our happiness when we're alone but is that even expressing in correct sense? By definition, if you need to express something, audience is absolutely necessary.
    So, we dance to impress not to express.
    But, surely, dance is the best art form to express your feelings. We pay attention to visual delights more.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    A person is dancing means he s happy. We see nowadays many people dancing in TV shows. When the singer dances on the stage the people hearing will dance off the dias. Hence I agree dance is the best form to express your feelings and emotions. Generally when a good dancer performs a show on a stage the spectators can understand the the meaning of the song by seeing her face.
    A song in Sagara Sangamam is the best example for it. There was a song in which SP Sailaja performed a dance show. In the lyrics there is a word called Pancha Bhutamulu. They are Earth, Water,Fire,air and sky. The dancer should understand the meaning of this and she has to enact in such way the audience will appreciate. But she has performed in a way that pancha bhutamulu means five devils. But the same later on in the movie Kamalhasan enacted and shown. A lovely piece of master stroke.
    Dance is a great art.

    always confident

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    Dancing is a real profession to express the feelings and one should have good patience to view as well to perform in the stage. The same can be understood or realize only by sitting in the audience at least once. There is no need of language for viewing a dance. In olden days there are many cinemas including dance of Bharathanatyam, Odissy, Kathak, kathakali, etc., In some cinemas totally dance and music contains. One Tamil film namely Thillana Mohanambal which was released only for music and dance. One song for a sample can be viewed through this website
    In this song the heroine cum dancer performed with her beautiful expressions.

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    Yes dance can be expressed as the act of showcasing the navarasas through the art of Mudras and thus those who know how to emote in nine different ways are considered the best dancer. Happyness, sadness, moody, anger, frightening, astonishing, ecstasy, sober and shantham are the main bhavas through which any song can be devised and presented to the enjoyment of audience who will watch such performances with grace. So according to me , the word dance can be expanded in this way :
    D- Delight the audience with performance of all Mudras
    A- Emote well to sync with Natuvangam or the Lyrics
    N- Neatly present the story to the understanding level of audience
    C- Create an impression with great expressions.
    E- Enlighten the audience with the great format of dance.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Let me first confess that I am very bad at dancing. Dancing has always been a mystery to me. I have enjoyed watching my friends dance with such grace.

    My mom wanted to see me as a dancer but I could never fulfil her desire nor do I think I can ever do that now. She so really wanted me to dance that she once decided to take me to a dance academy. My younger brother had also accompanied us. I got so terrified by the steps that I ran out crying knowing I could never do it. Instead my beloved brother ended up learning as he went there to show me how easy it is to dance. The dance teacher took him as her student.

    I was never able to express my feelings and emotions through dance which others did so easily. I have always resorted to writing to express my feelings and emotions.

    But I really appreciate those people who has been blessed with the talent of dancing.

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    #607402: That is right Neethu, Nothing is inbuilt, it is our focus and our interest that pays. Everyone expresses their sentiments and emotions in different ways, some people take part in dramatics, some people feel happiness in listening to music, playing musical instruments, some feel happy dancing, while some people through singing. Writing is one another way that expresses thoughts in a beautiful way.
    Do what inspires you !!

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