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    Does the use of social networking sites affect family relations?

    In modern days, social websites plays a pivotal role in almost everyone's life. There is good as well as bad in social websites as it is common in every aspect. There are many social websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. There are many things present in social websites with regard to human relationships, society, politics and much more. Some people say that referring to social websites as a time pass activity may affect the family relations because one who is addicted to social websites spend more time in this and will neglect the family etc. What is your opinion?
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    Yes. I do agree with opinion of the author. It is definitely effecting the relationships within the family. The effect is not only restricting to the family relations but also the societal relations like neighbours, colony mates, shopkeepers, etc. In many of the houses nowadays, silence is playing an important role even on holidays though everyone is available in the house. All the members of the family are busy with their interested social sites.

    Where is the end to this kind of situation? Technology is occupying the space between the relationships and the God only knows the fate of this situation.

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    Yes these days the social media has occupying an important place in everybody's life. Many people are spending lot of time in social media. Because of this human relations with in the family and outside family also. Everybody should understand that in addition to social media, we require good relations with family members and neighbours and colleagues. So we should spend some time with them also. Otherwise we will become isolated and nobody should care for us. When the trouble comes no social media will help us. only fellow persons will help us. So it is our bare necessity to us to keep necessary relations with all..
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    Yes, it is definitely affecting the family relations in many ways. Today, whatever people do, they post everything on the Facebook. Every small thing that they do. Maintaining and keeping relations is not easy. But people today, in festivals also, just send a watsapp to their relatives, rather than giving a call, this is causing an increasing gap in communication and we are losing all the love and affection of our important people.
    People need to understand the need of the hour. Meeting and discussing live with the family people is more important than the watsapp discussions on groups. It sometimes feel like the human living is also going digital see all this.

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    What I feel that we must thank the social network websites, which are giving lots of service to every one of us and keep us connected with our relatives, friends and others and the coverage was wide and instant. Though one should not addicted towards it and forget the family responsibilities on day to day basis, the usage of social network when put to right use, would fetch greater results. The other day I had been to a shopping mall and I saw a girl shopping for the dresses and probably taking the advise of the boy friend who has not come. She was taking pictures of the tops she has chosen and sending instantly to him for approval and that is being done with the permission of the mall supervisors. What I mean to say here that people are putting the social network technology to best use and no more the social networking are considered as useless and not required.
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