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    Are literate parents becoming impediment to the young generation ?

    Present day parents are giving education to the next generation which is a long way from the 1950's when education was denied over family business and works. But in this positive change, the most disturbing fact is that literate parents in large proportion are forcing their children for few professional courses like engineering and medicine despite their interest in other courses and illiterate parents are thus sometimes becoming a boon in certain aspects. This creates unsuccessful professionals with very few experts in other field. The students also become jobless. What is your take on it?
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    Yes, this is what is happening now-adays. Parents guide their children for a beautiful and secured future but sometimes they forgot to look at their children dreams they just think that there dreams are of their children dreams. Every parent want to see his/her child successful and nowadays it has become the question of their status too. Hence, unknowingly they ruin the future of their child which is very sad.

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    I agree with the author that older generation treat Engineering and Doctor as the greatest profession and even though they are illiterate and wont have much knowledge about the above two profession, they do expect their grand children to pursue and become professional. Seldom they know about other fields and thus the children under force from the grand parents bound to follow their advise even though they are not perfect to the subject and wont fit in the grove and thus fail. So if the parents and grand parents listen to the child and support for their career, that would be their greatest help.
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    Some of parents do n't support their children in other courses.One of my friend's husband does n't support his son"s Journalism course.He always says,He should qualify UPSC exam.Although my friend supports her son achievement.But due to unfavorable attitude of father towards son makes my friend's life miserable.She has to manage between father and son.The son is doing well in above course,but father has no value for this course.The son needs encouragement from father,but father always criticizes the son.This all makes the home atmosphere unhealthy.
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    True. Majority of cases it is happening. The interest of the student is never thought off. Parents think only these two courses Ie., Engineering and MEdicines. Many of them may not be aware of other courses that are there in the offing and they have lot job potential. Even Though the children are not interested in these courses parents force them to do that course. The children can't concentrate on the subject as they don't have interest in that subject and they will not be successful. Parents should understand the views of the child also. Because it is his life and whole life will be dependent on this education only. So always parents should understand that certain aspects we should take the views of the children also into consideration. There are many parents who will give an advise and leave it to the child for choosing. Once he chooses a subject we can tell him what are the advantages and disadvantages of that course and finally we should leave it to the,
    In case of our two sons we have left it our sons only. Even the college selection is also theirs. Both the sons got selected in campus interviews and doing well now.

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    The preachers who said medical and engineering is not good for the interest of children.Children must be free to decide what they want to study. Are their children had not tried or studying the medicine or engineering. It is very easy to preach but difficult to follow. The children are not the aware the consequences of their decision. It the parents who knows well what will be good or bad. Ultimately some guidance and pressure is necessary for better performance.
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    According to me, the present generation parents somewhat understanding the children to some extent and children also (in majority cases)consult their friends about the various available courses in the outset and with the cooperation they select right choice. My cousin brother has a son who wished to join course as many of his friends told the choice is advisable rather than engineering. Though my brother intending to join him in engineering course, he valued the option of his son and let him to join in the course.
    In olden days there was no option other than doctor or engineer so why the demand for engineering and medical increased to alarming level.

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