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    Happiness and sadness - the parabolic curve of life

    Human nature is variable , it keeps changing every point in time. It is not similar in every situations.
    Different situations demand different behavior. Happiness is good, it is positive, it is full of hope and trust. But it is not that the situation will remain same as always. Times change a little, we see hard times as well, which seems to us as negative, never imparting , as if it will be like hell to live in such a situation, we become hopeless. But, if we are patient and we know how to fight with such tough situations, we can be an achiever, our hopes will touch sky. We will learn to be optimistic in life. But those people, who are not able to find their bad times, they face heavy disappointments and are left crying and sometimes undergo to an extent of depression. "A ray of hope is always required to keep your candle of life burning", because that motivates you and your spirit of doing things. The curve of life has a mixed set of emotions, moments, which turns them as experiences to us. It is a parabolic curve, where happy and sad moments come and go and teach us a lot many things. This is what life is all about. Life cannot be a constant path, it is continuously changing to make us realize the value of happiness over sadness. Sad moments are there to make us realize the value and depth of the happiness in our life.
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    Great to see wonderful comparison of life happiness and sadness moments with that of piano keys. In fact we can learn the lesson of life from our fist itself. Behind our palm and when we close all our fingers to show as the strength symbol, there appears five finger joints with ups and downs. These are nothing but our life is also bound to run with up and downs ie happiness and sad moments. One thing is sure when you are confronting with bad period, please be assured that good days are very much ahead, Likewise when you are going through the happiness phase of life , be ready to confront with challenges and even abuse situation in near future. That is why elders used to say that we should not laugh loudly at others on their failures and fumbling as the same case may come to us very soon. That is why some golden words told by our elders always hold good even today.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    It is life. And we all know that life is a mixture of happy & sad moments. We should always be ready for both situations. We need to stay calm at both stages of life.

    But there is one thing that, staying positive will always be helpful for you!

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    Life is a combination of good and bad moments. Similarly it is a combination of happiness and sorrow. Every moment we will have a different feeling. This is the fact of life. So we will not get over enthusiastic with a victory or disturbed with a failure. We not worry also about a bad moment and we can't think of good moments always. We should be balanced always. Come what may, we should be able to withstand and live our life till the lost moment.
    But being balanced is always very difficult. We will be very happy with our success and we will celebrate. We will get stressed with our failures. We will be very happy when the good times are there. But we will get depressed during bad times. This is common and we have to accept to some extent this. But we should be more brave during our bad times and understand the situations and make amends as required and try to be happy. Life will follow its way. The life cycle is fixed and we have to live the may it comes.

    always confident

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    Very true. Life is not always a bed of roses. There are thorns as well. Joys and sorrows are parts of life-cycle. They keep coming in turns.
    But we should always be optimistic. We should be self-possessed and contented. We should know that these are only phases that keep on coming again and again. If we can take them both as part of life, we would never lose hope. We should never be overjoyed at our success nor lose heart in failures.
    We should be balanced in life and keep on trying to change the bad situation to good ones. Our constant efforts would definitely change the situation and clear the bad patch to a rosy one.

    I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.

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    One thing that one must keep in mind "This time will go away" . As life is a journey of feelings, learning, adventure and many more.... Sometimes we feel our life is full of happiness and sometimes we feel sad but if a person always keep in his mind that nothing is permanent everything changes with time he can overcome such phases of life and can live a very content life.

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    No Happiness and Sadness is like a sine curve.I had already written a thread regarding this.If you put Theta values 0 degrees 90,180,360 and starts from 0 It will be a Wave. So ups and downs will be there in every life.
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    @Bhushan... I wanted to make the post a little different from a reader's perspective. So, I used "parabolic" instead of "Sine" curve, I am completely aware of this :) Good to see, you pointed that out.
    Life is a curve that itself makes a lot sense, because a curve itself denotes change in path. There could be many hurdles in that path or you could might find path of flowers, we just need to keep maintaining faith in what we are doing. Definitely ups and downs are needed to understand the essence of life.

    Do what inspires you !!

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