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    Inconvenience is to the public when media magnifies situations for the sake of TRP ratings.

    As we know, in olden days we had only one channel i.e. Doordarshan. But now, there are lot more channels present in the network and so there is a huge competition among them for TRP ratings. If there is a rainfall in the city, the media will project or magnify it as a cyclone and also warn us not to venture outside. If we listen to these words we will remain in our house and will not go to office; but the actual scene is different. During bandhs and agitations, they will say that no buses and trains are moving but the actual situation will be different. How much inconvenience is caused to the public when the media magnify situations for the sake of TRP ratings. Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    It is true that audio-visual media (read tv channels) are indulging in sensationalising some news. At the same time, they become totally silent and don't give any coverage to some other news which may be uncomfortable to them. Because of their approach, people are giving more importance on social media nowadays. In the presnet day TRP game being played by all private news channels, common people have to be extra careful.
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    The worst part about these news channels are so called DISCUSSIONS. Every day these news channels bring the so called experts and organise a live discussion. The hero of the show are not the experts but the host. He twists the statements of those EXPERTS and slowly turns the discussion into a debate. From there it metamorphoses into an oral fight after passing through the stage of an agruement. The host enjoys all these and never allows any EXPERT to complete their sentences. He speaks in between and turns from one participant to other making them all speak at once and creates an artificial tension that it looks like a heated discussion on a really serious issue. In fact there will be nothing like that. If that issue is a political one then you will have extra fun with those stupid workless politicians fighting for the sake of idolised party head they are with currently (when they change the party they fulfill their primary duty of cursing and abusing the same person) but not for the sake of improvement in governance. Unfortunately people also watch only such channels. In my house also they want me to watch news but they tune to a channel which is more of a nuisance channel than a news channel. It can create news out of any topic. For example when the son of a star hero in Telugu who is also a hero got engaged to the grand daughter of a business tycoon, this particular channel telecasted the program showing the wealth and a particular fort that girl owns for more than once as if it is of utmost importance for people to know it. Can we call such channels NEWS CHANNELS. Above all they can't work without representatives. The news reader tells every detail about a situation and then switches over to their representative for live updates. The representative repeats the same matter with change in sentence structure and order and mock tension in his voice with repeated 'aas', and 'you sees'.
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    It is a big game now. So many private channels. There is no authenticity for the news that are being shown in these channels. We should rely only on DD or to some extent ETV news in telugu. All other channels give all imaginated news to get their TRP ratings. A small news that there is accident on ORR and scooter gone and hit the partition and no one injured. The same news they will show as breaking news at least 10 times giving an indication that a big havoc happened there. Go on telecasting the same video again and again. Exaggeration of the issues is the biggest problem.
    They show as if heaven has come and fell down on earth. Generally everybody understood the facts about these channels and nobody gives much importance to these channels nowadays.
    Another big problem is discussions. Today Nandyala Results will be announced. So all channels will start a live discussion with local small politicians and as observed by other authors, there will not be any point and the host will become hero and get the discussion in whatever direction he wants and finally it will become a big war between the participants.
    All programs are waste of time to see.
    Really as felt by the author their news cause lot of inconvenience to the viewers.

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    Media is big business now and journalism is no longer responsible to the society. The so-called fourth pillar of democracy has pawned its ethics and morality to the corporate and politicians though there are still some exceptions which is indeed a ray of hope. Media is so badly after breaking news and flash news to attract viewers that they can create or distort any incident or issue to make it sensational. They play an important role in confusing the citizens and are least bothered about the facts and figures of what they say or write. They are exploiting different human emotions to suit their aim of increasing the TRP. The discussions in channels, as said by Aswini, is just another gimmick to keep the audience glued to the television by creating a scene which appear to be something serious but is actually a one man show by the host.
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    Yes media is playing their worst games as they generally take sides with the ruling party in different states and report the matter that suits them. What I have never seen any media reporting the fact as it is without glorifying to the hilt. Yesterday I was watching the votes counting on Nandyal Constituency in which the moderators of almost all the channels have gone ga ga over the performance of the TDP and its candidate in that seat. The final result was : TDP wins with 97,076 votes, followed by YSR Congress 69,610 votes and Congress 13812 votes. Here what I observed and the media failed to give correct reporting that , for TDP candidate, the entire Ministry, CM himself, Police force, MLA's , MP's and entire government machinery was put into service while campaign and in money was flowing to every voter where as in spite of that competition Jagan party could get 69,610 votes which is very good performance. So media are no more trust worthy.
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    Yes, media horrifies the actual present scene just for the sake of TRP. They sometimes, misguide the public also. The media is taking undue advantage of their freedom, they think that they can show anything.
    Its not that media is always wrong, but their should be a limit or we can say a check so that they cannot misguide the public.

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    #607187 Congress got only polled in thousands around(1,516), not 13812.They compete with NOTA votes.
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    Ganesh sir if you are referring to my response regarding discussions, my name is not Soundarya. No offense but I just wanted to mention it. Ms. Bharti is right. Everything should have a limit but telemedia crossed it's limits. Print media is better. But even in print media patronisation started in local newspapers with the entry of politicians into the business either directly or indirectly. Even they twist facts in favour of their patrons. So nothing is pure here.
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    Sorry Aswini, my mistake. I have corrected the same once it was brought to my notice by our ME.
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    This is correct, media portrays every situation and every incident in a fearful manner. They try to sensationalize the news. Without thinking of what impact it could have on the viewers. I have seen multiple discussions among the leaders that happen on the news channel on any topic or any issue, but at the end, they just keep poking and arguing with each other, no conclusion is brought into place. Media frames the situation showing that they are trying to resolve it, but that is just useless, the main motto is to increase their viewers thats it and to have a name of their news channel.
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