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    Life is not always more or less the same

    Shagun was sitting alone outside in a restaurant. A cup of coffee was kept on the table. Suddenly, his eyes fell on a man entering there. Isn't it Sumit? He thought for once and then called out loudly.

    The man raised his eyes and came forward. Shagun! 'What a pleasant surprise meeting you here in this small town? " sitting beside him, the man asked occupying a chair beside him.

    Shagun smiled and then went back to old memory lane. They were bosom friends and lived in the same colony. people used to say that they were one soul in two bodies. He was weak but Sumit was strong and study.

    However, things changed when they were in class VIII. His father died and he had to go out looking for a job to support his mother and only brother. After much struggle, he got the job of a labourer in a small company.

    At first, they were in constant touch through letters but with the passage of time, their contacts became less and less and one day that too was broken when Sumit also went out, joining a managerial a post in a big farm.

    Years rolled by and slowly they forgot each other. Today, his son is a famous doctor of the town and he had forced Shagun to stay with him. At this old age, Shagun can enjoy all the luxuries of life.

    "What are you thinking?" Sumit's voice brought him back to present.

    "What should I order for you?" Shagun smiled, "You were a foodie since beginning and I am sure you have not changed your habit."

    "I had to. I'm diabetic and strictly on diet control. Life is not always more or less the same, my friend."

    "But friendship is always. It can be more but not less."

    Both of them laughed loudly.
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    A good imagination thread by the author. Life can't be more or less always. It will always be changing and have to change. We have to change according to the situation. Change is more or less inevitable for all. But habits may not change they may remain same. Agin sometimes we may have to change our habits as per our health and environment. I may like eating sweets always, but for health reasons if the doctor advises us not to take we have to stop taking.
    But friendship should not change. If at all it had to change it has to increase but should not decrease. But unfortunately friendships also change as we change our life and as we become old.

    always confident

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    Yes life is not the same and the mention in this Tow topic is apt. After bad time good time would initiate and that is the essence of life and those who get frighten with challenges, they cannot survive the competition.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Actually everything in nature is cyclical and has their own way of doing things, as after summer, rainy season comes in the same way after bad days good days comes but I firmly believe that the person who smile in their bad phase of their life are the most successful human who might be achieving great things in near future.
    live happily in every situation of life

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    Sincere good old friends can make mutual lives happy and joyful any time when they are together and keep the affection same.

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