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    An alternate approach for transforming criminals.

    Late Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer had coined a new legal term 'Operation Valmiki' based on the mythological life history of Rishi Valmiki, who is believed to have authored the epic 'Ramayana'. Justice Krishna Iyer wrote, " Nobody is born as criminal. Every Saint has a past. Just like that every criminal has a future. A criminal mentality is just a disease, hence a Doctor's approach must be there for in every judgement. Valmiki, once a notorious thief got transformed as a Saint through a recitation. Like that, a criminal, during his term of punishment, must be provided with an atmosphere for mental transformation. This will provide him with better future.
    Such type of ethical jurisprudence is what is needed". This approach was called "Operation Valmiki" by Hon' ble Justice.
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    Good post from the author. In fact in every jail the inmates who are undergoing punishment for the life or bigger span of punishment inside the jail, they are given with various works , so that they get diverted from the criminal mind and also earn some decent money. In Hyderabad central jail we can see prisoners doing vegetable and fruit farming in the open air abetting the Industrial area road. Like wise lady prisoners are given chance to work in jail operated petrol pump so that they have the feeling of changed life in their jail term. But even after so many positive things that are being introduced inside the jail, some criminals who come into contact with others of same profession would team up and commit more crime after they are let off. Jail authorities should see that criminals of same nature should not be mingled and stay in one barrack. So some kind of reforms has to be brought in the jails.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Atlast a rational approach towards inmates! How can operation Valmiki succeed though?
    I think this is how operation Valmiki works- the criminals are shown the results of their horrible actions. Well, thats what happened in Valmiki's case.
    Narada asked him to go to his family and ask them to share his grief and sins . But Valmiki's family didn't partake in his sins.
    So, feeling betrayed and devoid, he returned to the devrishi. He was then given the word "Rama" to recite which changed his world and our world.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    "Operation Valmiki" happened to hardly to one out of lakh. We can not transform the criminal. All efforts will go in vein. You tell to the criminal to leave the crime, Are they going to listen. Proper punishment is the only key to deal such criminal.
    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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    A nice post by the author. Converting a criminal to a saint. Narada is the doctor in case of Valmiki to transform from a hunter to a saint. We do many sins for bringing up our family but none of them will share our sins but they share our good earnings. This is the feeling which change Valmiki from a hunter to saint. But as said by Sharma, it is difficult to convert all criminals as saints. But in our attempt at least one out of 100 is changing as a good man will be very nice.
    So the suggestion given by Late Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer is an excellent advice I feel.
    In jails as mentioned by Mohan these people are doing different works and earning some money. So the officers can identify the people whom they can be convert into good citizens can be separated and give them the tasks which will tell them some good lessons which may be useful to them to change their thought process.

    always confident

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