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    How to make a link in competition entries.

    I am new to ISC and wish to participate in contests but does not know the procedure and how to make link to the entry
    Please help.

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    Please check below, how you can make links of your posts particularly in contest announcement threads

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    Ms. Gupta: Let us suppose you are going to submit this particular Forum post in a contest. Then the procedure is:

    1. Go to the contest thread.

    2. Post the following link as a response to the contest thread: How to make a link in competition entries.

    3. Submit the same.

    4. The specific command for link can be found in this article: Cross promote your posts by linking your resources each other

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    It just an HTML tag with link see the skeleton or schema for this (a href=yourlinkprovidedby browser and in between you write the entry name close the 'a' tag ).
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    Bharti, please go through this help topic to know about posting clickable links.

    Partha, the first link you provided is leading to this thread only. Kindly check.

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    Mr. Ganesh: I tried to give a practical example to link the thread. I took the present thread to demonstrate "a href" command-but I was not successful.
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    K Mohan
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    Here is the snipping tool shot of the link which can be followed in future.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When I was new to the site, I had also faced the same problem. I sought help from the members in the forum section and they were really helpful. I got many replies but being a layman in HTML language, I could not make out anything.

    At last, Juana Madam sent me a personal message explaining the procedure step by step. And the thing became clear to me.
    I was interested to send you that tips but I cannot do so since I don't have the facility to send any personal message.
    Hope any member would definitely help you as I was helped by the said respected member.

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    I also struggled a lot initially to do this link. But one of the Editors helped me and from that I learned how to do it and I an doing now the same. You try as advised by Mohan.
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    I am still not clear . It will be great if linking is explained with example.

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    Please read my link attachment with interest and you may know that after href = one inverted comma is visible. There you enter the url of the page which wanted to be given link. Then the comma would close. The after blank" > there you mention the heading to be appeared.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Bharti, did you go through the help topic in the link I provided? Where are you stuck now?
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    Click on the edit but of this thread of yours and check how I made the internal linking of one of your threads. After you confirm here that you understood / it is clear to you, I will delete that internal linking.

    Explaining again for a better understanding:
    1. Type open angle bracket <
    2. Without leaving space type a
    3. Leave one space and type href="
    4. Copy paste the url of your post (a thread or article. Hope you know what is a url. If not feel free to ask here in this thread.) and type "
    5. Type close angle bracket >
    6. Type the title of the thread / article
    7. Type open angle bracket <
    8. Type slash / (slash is compulsory for closing html tags)
    9. Type a
    10. Type close angle bracket >

    That's it. Hope it's clear now.

    Thanks & Regards

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